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The guitar I have features a two-point system, but it was already lowered down pretty close to the body. #fretwork #refret #get, If you’ve got an arch top bridge and want to mak, Hey everyone, we’re back in action! Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. That moment when someone says "let's play a Stones tune" and you take 5 minutes to switch to open G. When I first got into Strats I did not want what I thought would be "the hassle" of a floating bridge and so I cranked it down. #1921 #gibson #L, Benjamin has written an article on one of his favo, Aaron getting his grind on. Let’s jump, The shop made it through the storm just fine, but. Phillips head screw driver In this setup, you can still pull up on the bar, but it will will not dive and downtune your strings. Take your piece of wood and cut out a small block to fit your measurement. This is especially helpful when you put blocks on both ends of the spring block, as you can’t push your bridge back to un-wedge the block. Finally, you can install a hipshot tremsetter. I’ve even seen people mill blocks of aluminum for this, claiming it is the only true way to enter the gates of the #tonezone. 2013. If at ever you decide to go back to the wild and wonderful world of floating trems, undoing your decking or blocking work is easy. You may recognize it from our Legends of Tone: David Gilmour video — hence the EMG Gilmour pickup set. Not happy with the feel of your new guitar? #martin #neck, Aaron’s band @themolghosts are going into the st, Hard to hate black on black. This way, you can insert something in the hole to get a fulcrum to wedge the block out, or use the hole as a guide to drill a screw in, and then grab said screw with pliers and pull it out. In this case, I leveled all the frets, setup, and intonated this Epiphone Joe Pass hollowbody before I started securing the floating bridge. To start, get your guitar set up how you want it and playing well if it’s not already. I really should have done something about my nail beds before this. If you feel you need some more tension, flip the guitar back over and repeat. Floating bridges are usually only held in place by string tension, and as they’re very easy to knock out of place, it’s easy to throw your intonation all out of whack. Intonation is the trickiest, and most mis-understood aspect of guitars (and all other musical instruments as well). Hollowbody guitars are often equipped with a floating bridge, which are prone to shifting while playing, travel, and during string changes. Tuning: Tune the guitar as you would normally, you do not need to do any special tuning like you would normally have to with a floating bridge! I simply mark off the bridge’s location with low-tack painter’s tape (which I de-tack further on my pants or shirt before sticking it to any guitar): Now that I’ve got the exact location for the floating bridge marked out, I can loosen the strings and remove the bridge without fear of losing my place. In this case, I leveled all the frets, setup, and intonated this Epiphone Joe Pass hollowbody before I started securing the floating bridge. The solution here is pretty simple: secure the floating bridge. Step 1: There shouldn’t be too much change, but you may have to adjust a string saddle or two to get your action back to where you want it. NOTE: you can also block a Floyd Rose-style tremolo with pretty much the same method. This will move the spring block back slightly and wedge the block in nice and tight. With the tremolo bar off, you really won’t end up pushing back on the bridge much. I have glued together wood shims that I got from the hardware store and have had good results. Another is that the action of the trem is really nice, especially if you use a tremolo bar to sweeten up chords, like Stevie Ray Vaughan on "Lenny" and "Riviera Paradise." Huzzah! Once secured and strung up, it’s important to double check the action height and make sure the intonation is dead on (yet another reason why I write down all my measurements). When not working on guitars, I create experimental music under the moniker of UFO Death Cult, utilizing microtonal instruments of my own design. Tune your guitar, play a bit and see how it feels. The slightly shorter spring may be triggering my OCD, but it works fine. Ausgezeichnet! The three springs on this Strat were anchored into the screw claw at an angle, so to accommodate, I moved them over and then slipped on two more springs. It might not be pretty, but it gets the job done. Decking the tremolo isn’t as ideal on a two-point tremolo system, as these are usually set so that the contact point of the bridge rests a few centimeters off the body. Here are some quick adjustment tips to get it playing right. This will make sure the trem is decked down against the body nice and tight. As far as just buying a hardtail strat, that is for sure the best option, but sometimes you find a deal on a trem strat you just cant pass up, or in my case, through a cascading series of old practice spaces, flakey band mates, and left behind gear, a strat just falls in your lap. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. One advantage is that the pitch can be modulated both above and below zero, or pitch. #dremel #cutoffwheel #, So where’s the rest of it? Tons of other plays prefer the blocking method though so I figured it was best to cover every method I could and cover all the bases. If need be, use some sandpaper to sand down your wood block until it snuggly fits in the cavity between the body and the spring block. Sure, you may need to do a bit of intonation work after you block your trem, but if you start off with a guitar that’s all out of whack you’ll only cause more headaches for yourself. Being that it’s only a very minor change, it shouldn’t affect your bridge’s set position much. I'm the social media darling of zZounds. You guessed it, take the plate off the back of your guitar. I personally am of the opinion that, for the most part, not a whole lot of your tone lies in the wood of your guitar. Step 5: The system allows players to create natural, fluttering vibrato, akin to what early jazz and blues players were doing on their arch tops by pushing and pulling on the tailpiece. Another very common method that will pop up if you do some searching is to use some spare change. This type of bridge is essentially an amalgamation of both the tremolo and a standard guitar bridge, looking to bring players a nice balance of both. A floating tremolo has both advantages and disadvantages. Floating tremolos aren’t for everyone though, and many players through the years have opted to “lock down” their bridges, including, Eric Clapton, who had his favorite Strat, “Blackie” set up to have a hardtail (non-tremolo) bridge. 06 Some people have even put out videos with clever titles like “Blocking Your Trem for $1.75” and the like.I personally have never done it, but from what people have said, some spare change wrapped up in scotch tape works fine. Now, this is the part where the comments section will come alive: everyone has a different opinion on what your block should be. I didn’t need any more adjustments. Step 3: Put on the gauge of strings you prefer and tune up to whatever tuning you want the guitar to be in. Sitting in place of one of your springs, the Tremsetter counteracts the action of your springs and string tension’s interplay to keep your tremolo in place. So, before I even consider doing any intonation work, I fully set up the guitar.

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