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Well, apparently the answer to that is A LOT.The bed is very, very stiff. Initially I was concerned because I really wanted that super soft feeling but I think now I prefer the way it is because it's easier to get out of and turn over in and I don't get too hot while I'm sleeping. We were going to buy the liberty bed off of the companies website but then found this bed on here for much less. I also want to lay on my side and not feel the pressure on my rib cage. You’ll see in our Amerisleep review on the AS3 that curbside shipping is absolutely free as long as you live in the contiguous US. My old mattress left me in pain every morning. Based on the materials used in their mattresses, a medium firm AS2 or medium AS3 should help with back pain for most medium sized sleepers over the short term. It's actually very cool and firm. I do not like to leave home because I will be away from this bed. You can reach out to them directly on their Contact Us page. My husband and I bought this mattress and LOVE IT! It controls your temperature so that you’re neither too hot nor too cold while you catch some Zzzs. This means that if you find a defect in the first 10 years, this mattress will be promptly replaced. Some complaints about memory foam mattresses in general are that they tend to "sleep hot", however the Liberty is cool and comfortable.I have recommended the Liberty to family and friends and I am a very satisfied customer.-Scott. I no longer wake up with pain in my hips and legs and it's amazing. So speaking from my personal experience, I would highly recommend this product. This mattress was heat reducing, did not hold you in place, and did not hold its indentations long at all. You’ll also receive superior support across all your body’s pressure points and will likely wake up without stiffness or pain due to sleeping heavily. I actually bought the bed from the Amerisleep website (sorry Amazon). My wife seems to like it more than me. I can't tell you what a gift that is! It is a tad firmer than I would have initially chosen but the support is fantastic and the bed is very comfortable. It is soft and comfy, yet supportive. For the first 10 years, if you have any issues with your Amerisleep AS3 mattress, you can send it back with nearly any defects and have it replaced. These mattresses are great for those that are looking for an all-foam or coil mattress, but need more firmness options. Not an uncomfortable firm, it's soft, but conforms to my body. In this review of the Amerisleep AS3, we also advise that you use good sheets to cover the mattress so that it remains breathable and is able to regulate temperature. I researched mattresses extensively - Amerisleep just stood out! We used to sleep on a spring mattress and would wake up a lot at night. And if you find a defect in the following 10 years, you’ll receive a prorated replacement. This is the million-dollar question, and the answer is that it depends on you and how you sleep. No regrets. Well made. Maybe everyone decided to rate online the same couple of days but it sure seems odd.I bought the Amerisleep Liberty in January (king size). This. AS5 HybridAdjustable what I purchased. Yes, these mattresses are extremely well put together, using only the best materials. I did loads of research because my current mattress was putting a lot of pressure on my hips and causing me to wake up in the middle of the night in pain. And if you’re not the type of person who wants to talk on the phone, that’s okay too. The Amerisleep AS3 is more affordable than the more high-end Tempur-Pedic products. A lack of sleep can leave us feeling fatigued and irritable, especially if it carries on over a long period of time. He loved it. This is the million-dollar question, and the answer is that it depends on you and how you sleep. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. My husband hated this mattress for 3 days and I hated it for about 3 weeks. Also, they offer hybrid options with increased benefits. I had aches in various places for about 3 weeks. Back at home, we tried many mattresses at several different stores but couldn't settle on a choice. We suggest in this. If that isn’t a sign that this company truly believes in its products, then we don’t know what is! I highly recommend Amerisleep and wish we would've purchased this bed a long time ago!! Overall, with a legacy of innovation, customers have very good things to say about Amerisleep. I have had the best night's sleep of my life, since getting this mattress. I use this as my primary bed in my master bedroom for my husband and I. You’ll find that many. I absolutely love this mattress. Amerisleep, Amerisleep mattress, reviews, ratings, complaints, bed, memory foam, comparison, beds review ... AS3 $1,099 - 2,098 12'' Medium AS4 $1,399 - 2,698 12'' Medium soft AS5 $1,799 - 3,498 14'' Soft Lifespan & Firmness It appears to be fair when it comes to the longevity of Amerisleep mattress. We liked this bed so much we bought a second one for our daughter and son in law. I have a queen and king size mattress from amerisleep and love them both. I purchased this bed directly from Amerisleep. Simply visit the site and look in the bottom right corner of your screen. While on vacation in Scottsdale, we read an article about Amerisleep and decided to include a trip to their showroom in our plans. It looked exactly as pictured. The only issue I have occasionally is the heat retention when I am not sleeping alone, but I just sleep with a lighter sheet and no blanket to resolve that. Otherwise, the mattress supports every part of my body perfectly. I will agree with the comments that the customer service is very good. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. While visiting Seattle we had the chance to sleep on the AS5 mattress. We pondered long and hard on which Amerisleep mattress to buy (we went to a store that sold Temperpedic mattresses and compared their different models, which are comparable to all the Amerisleep models....Ssssh!). At the time of writing this Amerisleep AS3 review, there’s currently a promotion happening on the Amerisleep website. Everything about the purchase was great--customer service, prompt shipping and easy set up. Our old bed might as well have been made out of concrete, except that it transferred even the smallest movement from one of us to the other. Shop and save online with Amerisleep. A little firmer than i usually prefer, but nothing to complain about. Me and my better half haven't had a better sleep in years; we are very happy with Amerisleep! , you’ll find that Amerisleep is always easy to deal with, and its representatives are happy to help in any way they can. It is made in the United States. This is hands down the best bed I've ever owned. The all-foam AS3 has been on the market for several years, and was previously known as the ‘Liberty’ mattress. Amerisleep is a company that customers enjoy dealing with. With the Amerisleep AS3, you’re in luck because the materials used in all four layers ensure that this mattress is durable and long-lasting. It delivers more support for your back, and offers more cushion above the shoulders and below the hips. Now I had a problem as I still had the Temper Pedic to get rid of. We saw that it was last years model but it seemed like a no brainer since how much can a bed differ from one year to the next?! The price is also a major plus for us. We also loved the fact that these were made in the USA and had a 20 year warranty. The top cover layer of this mattress is made from breathable material designed to keep you cool during the night—and the BioPur layer below it aids in this process. You will pay much more for this mattress but it is worth it. It’s bound to please the most people with its many features and benefits. They’ll be more than happy to help in any way that they can. If at any time during that period you feel that this isn’t the mattress for you, you can return it for a full refund of the product’s cost.

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