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The symptoms of anxiety can be hard to detect. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), fewer than 2 percent of American adults meet the daily 4,700 mg recommendation for potassium. One cup of raw fennel slices contains just 27 calories, with nearly 3 grams of fiber. Damaged kidneys may be unable to filter excess potassium from the blood, and this could be fatal. ), Chia Seeds Benefits: The Omega-3, Protein-Packed Superfood, 9 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits that Boost Your Health, Top 15 Potassium-Rich Foods to Start Eating Today, Detox Your Liver: Try My 6-Step Liver Cleanse, How to Carve a Turkey: Step-by-Step Guide (Plus Recipes! To cook fennel, I enjoy sautéing it in EVOO on the stovetop or oven roasting in EVOO that's been simply seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. It is a great addition to any winter dish to provide a unique, slightly sweet and warming flavor. The fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and phytonutrient content in fennel, coupled with its lack of cholesterol, all support heart health. A large study of over 8,000 participants found that selenium did reduce mortality and decrease future incidences of cancer. In North America, fennel was used by the Cherokees in the same ways that the root vegetable is used today. Fennel, star anise and anise seed all contain anethole, an aromatic compound that’s believed to fight off cancer, inflammation and diabetes. Fennel has the botanical name Foeniculum vulgare. The scientific name for fennel is Foeniculum vulgare. Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, is Health's contributing nutrition editor, a New York Times best-selling author, and a private practice performance nutritionist who has consulted for five professional sports teams. Come November, people all over the U.S. who plan on hosting Thanksgiving ... As Thanksgiving rolls around, most of us eagerly await the holiday staples, ... Fenugreek is considered one of the oldest medicinal plants, and its health-promoting ... Ahh, Thanksgiving. Fennel has been used in many cultures for its medicinal properties. The stalks should be bundled together and not flowering. Rely on the guidance and supervision of a physician to determine if you can benefit from an oil, which formulation to buy, and how to use it—as well as to monitor any potential interactions, allergic reactions, or other side effects. Some people may be allergic to certain spices, therefore should avoid consuming fennel seeds. may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. (15). (14). "I'm petrified," the actress said when she shared the news that her breast cancer came back. RELATED: 7 Health Benefits of Dates, According to a Nutritionist. From regulating blood pressure to water retention, fennel seeds pack a bevy of nutrients that make it a must have in your kitchen. The herbal plant is also used in other traditional systems of medicine, including Unani, Siddha, Indian and Iranian systems. Fennel is included in the GAPS diet, as well as on my Healing Food Shopping List, because of its ability to ease digestion. Find out more about this vegetable from a nutritionist. Stalks should be green, and leaves should be straight and bundled together. Fennel provides 7 grams of calorie-free, filling fiber. You can mince and use them as a garnish for everything from mashed cauliflower to roasted spaghetti squash and lentil soup. Stay in your living room and still spike your heart rate. The nutrients in fennel are linked to a range of health benefits. But don’t expect lower blood pressure overnight, it takes about four weeks of consuming a high potassium diet to see a drop in blood pressure. It’s a traditional and popular herb with a very long history of medicine use in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Fennel bulb can be chopped and added to salads, slaws, pasta dishes and more. Offers may be subject to change without notice. With the slight sweetness of apples and the amazing nutrition of fennel, your whole family will be coming back for seconds! In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to help with a variety of ailments from congestion to helping increase the flow of breast milk. To prepare the fennel bulb, first cut the stalks off the bulb where they sprout. Since fennel contains 7 grams of dietary fiber, it can help maintain a healthy digestive system. Researchers also point out ginger, peppermint, citrus fruits, dandelion and chamomile for their ability to aid digestion as well. Here are some of fennel's nutrients and potential health benefits, what it tastes like, and how to incorporate it into raw and cooked dishes. Fennel is known for its anise- and licorice-like flavor. A 2001 study, found that participants who added 14 grams per day of fiber to their diets, without changing anything else, ate approximately 10 percent fewer calories per day and lost about four pounds over a period of four months. Malanga is a root vegetable originating from South America. Menopausal women have lower estrogen levels which are associated with more abdominal weight gain. Here are the ones you need to pay attention to, and how to know if you may have an anxiety disorder. It plays a central role in regulating the female reproductive cycle, and it can also determine fertility. Not very familiar with this bulbous seasonal veggie? 30 Gluten-Free Recipes (11, 12). (16). Today, this popular vegetable continues to be one of the most widely used herbal plants. Anise Seeds Benefits for Hormones. (18), Fennel is used as a galactagogue agent for women who are breastfeeding. In the ancient world, the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used fennel as part of their ceremonies. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Fennel is also high in other potentially cardio-protective vitamins such as folate and vitamin C. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of age-related vision loss. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Here's What to Do, 9 Signs It's More Serious Than the Common Cold, How Your Period Changes During Your 20s, 30s, and 40s, 12 Anxiety Symptoms That Might Point to a Disorder, Shannen Doherty Reveals Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis—Here's What It Means, The Best (and Worst) Diets of 2020, According to Experts, 10 Moves for a Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required, These 13 Women Prove Every Body Is a Bikini Body, 20 Things You Should Throw Away for Better Health, 8 Health Benefits of Walnuts, According to a Nutritionist, 7 Health Benefits of Dates, According to a Nutritionist, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 9 Health Benefits of Broccoli, According to a Nutritionist. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidantthat may help reduce the free radical damage that can lead to premature aging. Eating a range of fresh foods is the key to good health. Like anise and licorice, fennel is also used to fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Anise seed is known for its ability to fight bacterial and fungal infections, regulate blood sugar levels, boost heart health, relieve symptoms of depression and ease menopause symptoms. It was even added to loaves of bread for added flavor and to make it easier to digest. Fennel seeds are rich in flavonoid antioxidants and they contain a concentrated source of micronutrients. Participants either received fennel or placebo capsules daily for eight weeks. Fennel may also be beneficial for people with acid reflux. It would calm digestive issues in infants and was also given to mothers during childbirth. Fennel is also high in vitamin C, providing 28 milligrams per bulb or almost half of the recommended daily amount for this critical vitamin. Fennel contains an oil called anethole that has been shown in some clinical studies to act as a natural cancer remedy, helping to reducing the growth of breast cancer cells. But this bulbous fall veggie and its seeds deserve to be part of your regular vegetable rotation. (2), One cup of raw fennel bulb contains approximately: (3), Due to the calcium content, fennel can help maintain bone strength and health. It is also a leading cause of anemia. Because of this, they help lower blood pressure and protect the heart. It contributes to liver enzyme function and helps detoxify some cancer-causing compounds in the body. Some research has suggested that fennel extract may reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Dietary fiber is an important factor in weight management and works as a “bulking agent” in the digestive system. It’s thought to help balance all of the body types, including vata, pitta and kapha. Anise is used as a spice to add flavor to a variety of dishes. Ancient practitioners used fennel in natural remedies, and the practice continues.

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