automotive engineering 101

Some engines feature cylinders that are horizontally opposed or are in a “V” configuration. cleaner carburettor (or throttle body) intake ports intake manifold cylinders, Air Automobile Engineering MCQ Practice Test - Set 01 MCQ Automobile Edit Practice Test: Question Set - 01. (7) Answer: Option D The valves act as doorways for incoming air and fuel and outgoing exhaust gasses, respectively. On the piston’s way back up, the exhaust valves open to let the burnt gasses out and then closes in preparation for its next turn in the engine cycle. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Practice Test: Question Set - 01 1. The big end of the rod is the area that connects to the crank. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Each hole is called a “cylinder bore”. Practice Test: Question Set - 03 1. Practice Test: Question Set - 10 1. The area on the crank where the rod connects and rotates around is called the crankshafts’ rod journal. The crank in an engine is very similar to a bicycle crank. Same title, 2nd Edition. The block is the main part of the engine that contains the reciprocating components that harness the energy in the gasoline. cleaner carburettor (or throttle body) intake manifold intake ports cylinders, Departmental Interview Questions Practice Tests, Objective Mechanical Engineering & Technical Interview E-book, Civil Engineering MCQ with Interview Questions and Answers, Objective Electrical Engineering with Interview Questions and Answers, SSC JE Previous Years Solved Papers (FREE), Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning - Set 07, Strength of Materials Objective Questions with Answers - Set 10, Industrial Engineering Objective Type Questions with Answers - Set 05, Estimating and Costing Objective Questions and Answers - Set 01, I.C Engines Multiple Choice Questions with Answers - Set 02, Structural Analysis Objective Type Questions and Answers - Set 01, Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers - Set 16, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics MCQ - Set 01. The surface area where the connecting rod pivots around the wrist pin is called the wrist pin journal. That power produced in one cylinder is multiplied because the combustion events are repeated in each of the cylinders. While he wasn't a natural teacher when he started, he worked hard and kept trying new things. The connecting rod is coupled to the piston by a tube called a wrist pin. A1: The automobile engineering degree is a four-year engineering degree (BE or B.Tech) course. (15) Answer: Option D. Practice Test: Question Set - 07 1. The advantage of having separate camshafts is that each cam can be placed very close to the valve, allowing the cam’s lobes to either work directly on the valves or through a very small rocker arm. Other manufacturers cast lightweight aluminum blocks for weight reduction. Practice Test: Question Set - 01 1. Most job opportunities require formal training in automotive technology in high school or a postsecondary school or college. There is also a corrugated ring, known as the oil ring, which allows oil to lubricate the cylinder walls so that the piston, rings and cylinders do not wear prematurely. Identify the basic types of automotive … Unable to add item to List. In fact, it is still very solid theory wise. We’ll tell you all about the noisy chunk of metal connected to your wheels and a little bit about the things that make it go forward. Please try again. The block also has a number of fluid passageways cast into it. The rings act as a seal that keep the cylinder pressure from the combusted air and fuel mixture between the head and top of the cylinder, ensuring the pressure pushes the piston down instead of pushing past it. Similarly, when one piston is pushed down by the air/fuel combustion, it turns the crank and pushes another piston up, ready for the next combustion. A 4-stroke refers to the four strokes in the power cycle; the intake stroke, the compression stroke, the power stroke and the exhaust stroke. Some camshaft lobes push directly on the valves to open them, but most street-driven car engines work indirectly through a rocker arm.

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