best concert ukulele under $100

The wood has stunning light and dark tones that are beautifully highlighted by the clear gloss finish. I’ve rounded up my six favorite concert ukes that are available for less than a hundred bucks. It is constructed with a sturdy dovetail joint at the neck to provide optimal energy transfer and strength between the body and the neck. by Ben Jacklin Last Updated August 11, 2020. There is not really a downfall to the sound of this instrument. While they are best known for their guitars, Alvarez has introduced a great line of ukuleles in recent years. Some of the things included with ukuleles are often gig bags and straps, but you can also find picks and even books on playing your new instrument. The design on the body of the instrument will be highly attractive to some. It has mahogany sides and back with a solid spruce top. The basic concept of this model is that it is made with cheaper materials, and maybe doesn’t have quite such a nice finish, but the tone holds up surprisingly well considering. The Alvarez AU70C Artist Series concert ukulele is a fine instrument with quality appointments, good projection and volume, and a rich, open-sounding ukulele tone. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the music industry. But it’s the beautiful sound of this ukulele that truly impresses us – as we mention in the Kala KA-15S’s full review. Kala is one of the best brands out there and they offer reliable quality with their models, but not many of them come at this price. Perhaps it’s not so much of a wildcard after all…. Because of its good quality and affordable price, this is a great ukulele for beginners and might also be the best concert ukulele under $100. The bridge of the ukulele is made of rosewood, and the fingerboard is made of Indian rosewood. Some of the cheapest ukulele models are around $50, or even cheaper than that. It has a warm sound, has a nice look, and is not difficult to play. Having said that, some budget ukes, like the EleUke Electric Peanut, are very good if you are looking for electronics, but ensure you have a good use for them – if you rarely plug in, you may be able to get a better quality uke with no electronics for your cash. If you need lots of space on the frets for moving between chords and playing solos this could be the very best beginner ukulele for your needs. It’s just 43 mm in thickness, great for taking out and about with you. Discover the best concert ukulele brands and select the best concert ukulele under 100, 200, for beginners, etc. As a general rule when purchasing a musical instrument, try buying the best ukulele you can possibly afford. The Oscar concert ukulele measures approximately 2 x 12.2 x 3.7 inches. Kala Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele (Kala KA-C), 4. The Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele is a perfect stop for a first time instrumentalist looking to expand or a beginner player with a love for music. This package is a little bit different from the first two ukuleles discussed because this is, so far, the only “ready to play” package on the list and it is priced $10 less on Amazon than either 15CM or the Tattoo. May include things you do not need if you already have picks or a tuner. You might be unsure of whether or not ukulele is the hobby for you. The 15CM offers breezy Hawaiian tones with plenty of chime and top-end, and good projection for the size. This high-end ukulele reaches an incredible standard of sound quality, perfect craftsmanship, lasting stability as well as a comfortable grip while playing. The best thing about this tenor ukulele is how Enya slices a cutaway through the soundboard to grant you more access to the higher frets. There are very few ukuleles in this price range that can compete with the sound and construction of the Lanikai LU21-C. At this price, it’s easily one of the best concert ukuleles under $200. This is cheaper from a manufacturing standpoint but the trade-off is that laminated wood generally doesn’t sound as good as solid wood. Disclaimer: Acoustic Bridge is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. In my opinion it’s one of the best uke deals available right now. It’s hard to go wrong with the very popular KA-15S from Kala, which seems severely underpriced for the quality on offer. 4,597 Reviews. Just like guitars have, the fretboard is made from rosewood with dot inlays which are ideal for ukuleles. The body of this concert ukulele measures about 23 inches. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t personally played the Ranch UK-23 ukulele yet. To make sure you see our emails, consider adding us to your contacts! It also feels robust and durable, so travelling around with it – especially with the included nylon gig bag – is no problem. For more info check our Affiliate Disclosure page. Instead, it’s voiced by a piezo pickup and a preamp that allows for easy headphone playing, while Bluetooth connectivity means jamming to backing tracks sent via a smartphone is a cinch. If it is the case that your instrument came with some less-than-stellar strings, it may be a good idea to purchase some more. This is a very beneficial deal … I also felt like it played very well and sounded just as good as some of the more expensive ukuleles from other manufacturers. Each piece combined with others are well-made and designed to produce beautiful sound everyone around you will enjoy. The lightweight of this musical instrument makes it convenient to carry about in a small bag. The instrument also features some nice tuning knobs that actually match the wood finish of the rest of the instrument. Deluxe Series Concert Ukulele Bundle.

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