cold rolled round bar tolerances

Round Bars | Square Bars | Hex Bars | Rectangle Bars | Sheet/Plate | Round Tubes | Key Stock. Metric Round Bars Spec. mlns:og="" We've crammed as much information as we could in our mobile version, but for the full experience, we recommend checking out Protocase on your computer or laptop. We have send you an email with a one time password. According to EN 755-3: 2008 Alloy Group 1: EN AW-6060/6063/EN AW-6082/EN AW-6012/EN AW-6262/EN AW6262R Below, you will find the tolerances for round bars, according to alloy group. Thank you. Diameter, mm Diameter Tol. xmlns:fb="">. a quote as a guest. To keep your account secure, use this option only on your personal devices. Choosing "Keep me signed in" reduces the number of times you're asked to sign in on this device. (Metric) 1018, 1045, 1144-Stress Relieved. Please try again. Also, please use our online support if you have questions for our expert design staff. If the bar is 1.5" thick x 3.5" wide, the width tolerance of +/-0.006" will be the tolerance for the thickness as well, which is +/-0.006". If specified wall thickness isn't listed, use next closest, largest size listed for tolerance. here, Sorry, we could not find your E-mail in our database, Sorry, the entered one time password is either incorrect or has expired, Sorry, an error occured. Be the first to know about special offers, new products and discounts. Once logged in, you can change your password if you wish. We will be in contact very soon. We work with nominal thicknesses, so it's important to know the thickness tolerance on the material you chose, in order to know if the final product will be suitable for your application. Alloy Group 1: EN AW-6060/6063/EN AW-6082/EN AW-6012/EN AW-6262/EN AW6262R, Alloy Group 2: EN AW-2007/ EN AW- 2011 / EN AW-2014 / EN AW-7075, See today's exchange rates and convert currency Standard Tolerances For Cold Rolled Steel Bar Stock Usually, choosing material thickness is one of the first steps a designer takes when starting a project. External Personal Data Policy– Alumeco Group. © Protocase 2019 - All rights reserved. … Our website is optimized for viewing on a computer. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The information below is intended to be helpful for customers who wish to learn more about enclosure design. Please note: The temporary code will only be active for 15 min. ALL CONTENT © ONLINEMETALS.COM 1999-2020. Terms & Conditions. Tolerances may be specified all plus or all minus, but are generally accepted to be all plus. Request Below, you will find the tolerances for round bars, according to alloy group. Cold Roll Steel: Round Bar (Metric) 1018, 1045, 1144-Stress Relieved TGP 1.5mm to 38mm 0/-.0005″ (.0127mm) Cold Roll Steel Subscribe to our email rewards program and receive your first discount direct to your inbox. Width governs the tolerances both width and thickness for rectangle bars. Fill in your E-mail and we will send you a one time password, you can use to login with.

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