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No strong smells, ready to sleep on the day of install. I bought it for my 6 year old and he loves us. Time will tell how it will be long term. My husband thinks it's too hard so we are not much help in that regard. And I am starting to pick up on pressure point when I sleep on my side. While most describe Comfort Tech's firmness reliable at first, there are some that described degrading firmness over time. Exactly what we were looking for, comfort like no other twin mattress. In a few words, it is Just Right. This mattress may be good for young children not for teens or young adults. It was comfortable for a quick check and think it will be great for the grandchildren. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new mattress from Beloit Mattress Company in Beloit, WI, you may be wondering how Beloit mattresses stack up against other well-known mattress brands. It is a nice mattress and an egg crate foam topper made the bed very comfortable for him. Delivered in about 1 week. We bought this for my son. I bought this bed for my daughter about s month ago. Hopefully, I won't have any in the future. It is extremely comfortable. I don't think the kids would like it either. Loves it so much wants to replace his home mattress with Comfort Tech!!! The next night I put a 3 inch memory foam topper ( already had it) on and it is perfect for us now. So far, so good! Finding the right mattress is not an easy task – but you shouldn’t be losing sleep over it. She loves this bed. Frankly, trying to decide what to do with it. Yet, it's at the same time comfortable and supportive. Very comfy bed, not too firm or soft. She just loves the comfort of Serene mattress. The BreezeX 3DM system is an added layer of mesh to promote airflow and regulate the mattress temperature. Been sleeping in the RV the past few nights simply because the bed is that good. He says is super comfy and to be honest i am a little jealous! They are supposed to be medium firm but would have to disagree and lean towards soft. Love the pillow top but it is warm. Bumped into each other with queen bed, so we purchased a king frame and this mattress. Hip and lower back pain is dramatically better. Comfort Tech has two mattress options, the Serene and the Aurora mattresses. Great investment in comfort and rest, also I have scoliosis and this mattress is just great. It’s waterproof and resistant to dust mites and allergens, adding years of protection to your investment. See product sheet for product dimensions. I can toss and turn in bed and not wake up my husband. My injured tailbone wasn't bothered. We have had this mattress for a little over a year and both my side and my husbands side of the bed have sunken in. Arrived in about 5 days in large box compressed. Great price! Highly compressed upon arrival but grows to full size very quickly. Brandt has the thinnest arms in the American Leather Comfort Sleeper series. We are so glad we did. This range is designed for comfort and health. It is supportive and cushioning. I have bought these mattresses on 4 separate occasions. I did buy a good mattress pad to protect it. The Spinal Contour collection is one of the core Comfort Sleep mattresses. Bought two of them for my daughters about a month ago. I have had this mattress for 8 months. People that are used to memory foam will most likely love it, if they like a plush feel. Is better than mine. Anyway, so far it suits me just fine. The elegant lifestyle collection features most of the same technology as the above mattresses with the addition of several others including: There is also a line of mattresses – Elegant Lifestyle Plus – that feature the above systems as well as Micro Contour Coils and BreezeX 3DM technology. We purchased two Twin XL a couple of months ago for our adjustable twin frames. But when you lay on it, weather on your back, stomach or side, the mattress will distribute your weight evenly and hugging you confortably for a great nite of sleep. We truly haven’t slept this soundly in a long time. Great price and great product. The Syncro-tech support system is claimed to be for relieving pressure points and providing individual body contouring as well as having minimal partner disturbance. Could be good for an occasional guest bed, but not for everyday sleeping. I would have to take a steaming shower or Hot Tub and then stretch for 15-20 minutes every morning before I could do anything. No risk here The first night we both slept very comfortably. Comfortable nights sleep. I was thinking about purchasing the firm mattress for my husband and me, but the medium is firm enough. It is firm, not hard though. When you press it, it reacts lot quicker than a memory foam mattress, so you change positions easily. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy. It is so comfortable and no more backaches. It is medium as listed, not firm. We purchased it for our family bunkhouse and it is working very well in that setting. I recommend this product. I will follow up in two months. We'll go through each of their mattress options in depth below: Here are the details about the Comfort Tech Serene Mattresses: The Comfort Tech Serene mattresses come in two firmness options -- firm and medium. Very comfortable, Love it ! Awesome it came in a box that was manageable to move around by myself. Thanks God we got it, Provides firm support, especially at the edges, while supporting my back. We are really liking this mattress. No sore pressure points in the morning and not hot at all. So it is a little softer than some other leading brands, which was a plus for me. The unit appeared to have been repackaged so perhaps someone had already aired it out for me. That sucker just swells right up and it's harder to move because it doesn't have the traditional binding/edges like other mattresses. Easy to handle. Appears to be as advertised. Next, here are the details of the Comfort Tech Elite Aurora Mattress: The Comfort Tech Aurora mattresses are 12'' high and only come in medium firmness. The mattress was easy to unpack and fit the frame perfectly. I sleep in all 3 positions. Extremely comfortable! Price was Amazing. Similar to other Comfort Sleep mattresses, it also features a wool layer, memory foam, CooleX foam, Gel Form X, Edge boost and a latex layer. More info. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. My wife and I however come to the conclusion the opposite is happening. It has become one of the major bedding distributors in Australia. The one down side is that if I’m sitting along the edge I tend to slide or sink off the side. She absolutely loves her bed and tells us almost everyday what a great bed it is. You may have slept on a Comfort Sleep mattress before with several hotel chains investing in these bad boys. No complaints yet. Easy return and I end up buying the spring mattress in the store. Very supportive, yet plush and conforming to the body. He slept on it right away and is quite happy to have upgraded. So, he sleeps well. Comfort Sleep is family-owned, operating locally for over 30 years. We bought this for our toddler who was moving into a twin bed. We love it. The Costco transaction for the Comfort Tech, as expected, was easy peasy! Due to some sleepers describing these mattresses to be too soft and having issues with keeping supportive over time, some may experience issues with back pain discomfort. My son loves it! He said he is sleeping so much better, and he wanted us to come over and try it ourselves. Comfort Tech is a mattress brand made popular by its inclusion in Costco's mattress lineup. Good buy! this mattress is not to hard or soft . This information may have changed over time. This bed is as comfortable as our bed at home yay!!! It doesn't seem too soft to me. To our knowledge, all information in articles on the Canstar Blue website was correct at the time of publication. Standard sheets work well, since RV sizes are just slightly smaller than standard. Haven't slept this well in a long time! The memory foam is installed to contour to your body shape and the ‘Contour Tech Pocket Coil’ system is a multi-zoned contouring technology stated to give maximum body contouring and minimal partner disturbance.

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