dark purple rhododendron varieties

Leaves are elliptic & dark green. Flowers are saucer-shaped & deep violet-blue, held in trusses of 4-6 flowers. Has elliptic leaves & a dense, mounded dwarf habit. Enter your email and we'll email you instructions on how to reset your Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 4 feet tall. Leaves have a slight waviness, are glossy & dark green. My hostas have mushed down to nothing, but the roses are still blooming. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Evergreen. Flowers are very frilly with deep purple coloring paling in the center. Flowers are two-lipped & light purple with light brown dorsal markings. Blooms in mid to late spring & reaches roughly 4 feet tall. Inflorescence up to 4 flowered. Produces conical trusses of about 15 flowers. Blooms mid to late spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. Grows twice as wide as tall. Great as a single specimen accented with plants that won't compete for attention. Winters in the northwest can be unpredictable. Narrow green leaves feature a thin white margin making this shrub showy year round. A hardy, compact shrub valued for its deep purple buds that open to large trusses of violet-purple flowers in late May. logging into shop.monrovia.com. Flowers are openly funnel-shaped with wavy edges & deep reddish-purple coloring at margins shading through purple to reddish-purple in center, with dark red spotting. Heat & sun tolerant. Tolerates both full sun & full shade. Such is the nature of our Pacific Northwest falls/winters. This extremely floriferous mid-season bloomer displays attractive deep purple flowers, creating abundant star-shaped whorls, setting off the exceptionally nice, dark green foliage. Flowers are broadly funnel-shaped with wavy edges, light violet inside & vivid violet outside coloring. An exceptional, early blooming compact form with bright lavender pink blooms. Has a dense habit & tolerates full sun. Produces dome to ball-shaped trusses of about 15 flowers. Moderate growing; reaches 6 ft. tall, 6 to 8 ft. wide. Lends beautiful color to the winter garden with burgundy foliage, providing lovely contrast as the flowers emerge. This plant likes good drainage & summer sun protection. Flowers are broadly funnel-shaped & deep purple with greenish-brown to ochre marks within. Broad, well-branched, grows twice as wide as tall & tolerates full sun. Has upright, well-branched habit, blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. vLeaves are narrowly elliptic & dull, olive green. Blooms early spring & reaches roughly 5 feet tall. Leaves simple, alternate, slight waviness, glossy, dark green. Tolerates full sun & full shade. No worries. Leaves are medium green & reddish-bronze in winter. Blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall. A great foundation or accent plant. Reaches roughly 4 feet tall. Makes a great softener for prominent building corners. Leaves are elliptic & dark green with a depressed midrib. Flowers are widely funnel-shaped with frilly edges & lavender coloring fading lighter towards center with purple blotch. The broadly mounded, upright form makes an ideal background shrub that can cover utilities or bring down the scale of a stark two-story wall. Flowers are flat, light purple & unmarked. If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for in our stock, you can order directly from Monrovia & have it shipped here to the nursery for FREE! Produces ball-shaped truss of about 16 flowers. Has a rounded habit & is heat tolerant. Blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 2 feet tall. A densely foliaged, tight growing shrub. Produces trusses that hold up to 5 flowers. Leaves are elliptic with acute apex, are flat & dark green. Blooms early mid season & reaches roughly 1 foot tall. Flowers are funnel-shaped, light violet & held in trusses of 3-5 flowers. Blooms mid spring & reaches roughly 6 feet tall. New growth is grayish-blue & turns bronze in winter. In early spring this small-leaved evergreen shrub is covered in a profusion of deep red-purple flowers – definitely a harbinger of the season! Has upright growth habit. Leaves are nearly circular, bluish-green, very aromatic & pale green when new. Flowers are bell-shaped, wavy to slightly frilly lobes & moderate purplish-pink coloring with red spots. Blooms early to mid spring & reaches roughly 3 feet tall.

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