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Seules les roms Atomiswawe issues d'un RomSet MAME 0.135 ou supérieur sont compatibles ! Support details are now in the issue summary, someone please let me know of any inaccuracies there. The other gdroms I tried work correctly (Ikaruga, ggxx). @barbudreadmon Thanks, that did the trick. Arcade ==> Set spécifique au core 3. Go to System Assignments -> Monitor Type -> Vertical, In the Options, you can select Japan, USA or Export. Display: GAME ASSIGNMENTS ARE INCORRECT. nous vous conseillons d'utiliser notre fonctionnalité Surcharges de configuration. This should be closed. à convertir en — First, you need a zip file named containing a file named 317-5097-jpn.pic which is a decrypt key iirc, might be a good idea to make sure you have the last version of this file from mame 0.203. I thought I had read somewhere though that RA works differently from stock mame in that it would permit loading of either the rom of gdrom, so I tried that too and that didn't work either, hence my previous post. SET CORRECTLY IN SYSTEM ASSIGNMENTS OF TEST MODE. Any ideas? Then convert it in this format (remove the arrow notes): If someone can get started on the //TODO M1 and M4 list from pastebin links above, that would be a good start. I don't think the purpose of this issue is to be a tutorial on how to use mame roms, with people asking again and again the same questions... @barbudreadmon I think the reason that there have been so many questions was the adding of roms and GDRoms as a separate add. Because that's another machine, current reicast doesn't emulate atomiswave at all, it emulates naomiswave (= atomiswave games ported to naomi). User account menu. Go to System Assignments -> Cabinet Type -> 1Player(s) .rom files that were originally loaded from an .lst file), rather than proper MAME dumps. In RA options, you can select the region which sets the bios for each rom. Again I'm thinking this has something to do with incorrect naomi bios files but without an updated info file it's hard to tell. ROMs archived with 7zip as well as parent/split ROMs are now supported as well. Hopefully p1pkin can kindly help with anything here since I suppose there isn't much in MAME''s documentation. Afin de trier vos roms arcade, les fichiers dat sont disponibles dans le dossier :/recalbox/share/bios/dc/ This is a huge undertaking! As it turns out it was related to an entirely different issue which I fixed - RA was set for "boot to bios" from when I was testing some dc-specific issues for flyinghead, and that predictably causes problems for naomi systems. @flyinghead happy to see the st-v code from kronos was of some help :). Will report back, asap. Most of the work consisted in finalizing and improving support for Naomi and Atomiswave arcade ROMs. smarinef I think I may say - you may look at vertex shader file in demul's DLL to get quick overview of ELAN features, as we think. By the way, .lst files are no longer needed by this core as of about a week ago. 3. nous vous conseillons d'utiliser notre fonctionnalité, f355dlx crackndj Github utilisé :​, Doc Libretro :​, Github Officiel :​, Libretro Flycast se base sur le Romset de, sont compatibles ! Second, you need file in system/dc folder, again, make sure you have the latest version from mame 0.203. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. Pour l'arcade le Romset est différent selon le core que vous utilisez. Without the corresponding hash listed in the info, that issue would not have been found. ________________________________ NAOMI M4 cartridge support. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. One request - could the info list the files and hashes contained within the zips, rather than the zips themselves? alpilota aw2c We got some code to read zips, and we got some code to decrypt roms (st-v seems to use similar decrypting mecanism). Galileo Morales Just look at the two blocks. Cc: 6alileo; Mention cspike As far as we know, only the demul devs have some technical knowledge about this chip, we didn't find anything in MAME codebase, perhaps @p1pkin could break this stalemate by providing us some technical documentation he may have ? ), and i guess it might only be the shader part ? csmash Third, inside the folder containing, you need a subfolder named bdrdown, containing a file named gdl-0023a.chd, again, make sure you have the latest version from mame 0.203. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. NAOMI 2 information has been moved to #418 where it's more relevant at this point. ==> Set à utiliser Ah, so it has and seems to be working well. Display: GAME ASSIGNMENTS ARE INCORRECT. Log In Sign Up. Given that parent sets are already defined within the xml I'm hoping this wouldn't be too difficult a task. zombrvno. privacy statement. As a rule I always follow the info files to the letter before attempting any testing on any RA core. On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 6:25 AM newoski ***@***. ==> En dernier recours this issue open until support for loading naomi2 roms is added as described samba Naomi / Atomiswave. Ah got it - thanks @newoski. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub Naomi GD-ROMs are now supported and this adds more than 120 Naomi games to the list of supported arcade games. I assume that currently, RA only supports the MAME versions of GDROM-based arcade games, since those would be compressed to CHDv5 (though I haven't personally tested any of those). You just need, the old naomi_boot.bin is now useless, and the fact the info file wasn't updated for bios has no impact on emulation (well, i guess it could be a good idea to update it though). At least from here it's primarily more memory (4x the RAM rather than double actually) for things like textures and audio streaming, though I didn't realize there was a custom chip involved. in general, it is not good idea to RE someone's else implementation, because it might be wrong or/and full of hacks.

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