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Yarrow has been used for treating wounds, especially bleeding wounds from iron weapons, since the Middle Ages, the leaves are effective in slowing bleeding, so that the blood will clot. She was turned into a lion by the jealous Aphrodite. There are two conflicting Greek myths surrounding the peony, this explains how some consider the peony to symbolize compassion, whilst others think the peony is an unlucky flower. This name simply means "law of nature" or "divine nature.". Her name means “chiding love.” Ceridwen, Caridwen, Kerritwen, Keridwen, Kyrridwen are other variations of her name. Blodewedd (Celtic) This Spring Goddess was created by magic from nine spring flowers to be the wife of Llew Llaw. children against injustice. The fire goddesses represent the element of fire in its many different forms; from the spectacular volcano Goddesses to the more benign Goddesses of the hearth fire. Her name means she who renews and has several alternative spellings including Indun, Iduna and Idhunna. She was also keeper of the cauldron. Nature is all around you! Iris was also known to be the messenger of Zeus and Hera. When you think about owls, what do you know? Gefn (Norse) This is another name for the Nordic Goddess Freya. During the third day of the festival the ‘Day of Blood’, the high priest would cut his arms and offer the blood as a sacrifice, while his acolytes would castrate themselves underneath the violet-covered tree. Athena (Minerva) and Arachne, René-Antoine Houasse, 1706. Clytie, daughter of the titan sea-god Oceanos, was madly in love with Helios, who draws the sun across the sky each day. She is closely associated with magic and witchcraft. Henwen (Celtic) – A fertility goddess whilst in the form of a magical This Goddess’s name is also spelt, Hecate. Antheia, the third goddess, was the goddess of flowers, blossoms, vegetation, and human love. The Greek word for rose is τριαντάφυλλο-triadafilo, or ρόδο-rodo. The Greek word for sunflower is ηλιάνθου, Helianthus, from the words sun, and flower. She was one of the daughters of Zeus and Hera. Badb (Celtic) - A shape-shifting, warrior goddess who symbolises life Not all goddesses have a link to a separate page. Her name means rainbow in her native language. (Egyptian) - The great scribe and librarian Goddess who was responsible for accounting, architecture, astronomy, historical records and mathematics. Aphaea. One day, as the lovers were throwing discus, a discus thrown by Hermes hit Crocus on his head, killing him outright. "The name represents the graceful tree of the Willow, known for its strength and flexibility. Spring begins with the first green shoots and explodes into a multitude of beautiful blossoms and promise of good harvest. Sadly, Achilles did not have his coveted yarrow at hand, which he used to treat his wounded soldiers, when he was mortally wounded during the Trojan Wars, some heard him say, ‘oh, If only I had some yarrow, I would surely survive ‘. "1. At that moment, that split second, it is said the magician felt the man’s impending death and turned him immediately into an eagle, where Llew soared away across the land. Io wearing bovine horns watched over by Argos on Hera’s orders. He of course, killed her lover with no remorse. Ayana", She represents an aspect of Morrigan. Her name translates as “white footprint” as white He had placed a protection spell over Llew that made it so that he could not be killed (but of course there was a way, one which only Llew knew.). (Nordic) - Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic. (Roman) - Goddess of wisdom, medicine and crafts. Linden is another unique unisex name which is derived from the Linden Tree, the national symbol of Slovenia. The name Diana means "heavenly divine," reflecting her celestial role. Click here for a complete list of Greek gods and goddesses.Note that clicking on Greek goddess names that have links will take you to a detailed description of that particular goddess. (Egyptian) - This famous Goddess has so many different aspects, her most important roles are as Goddess of life and magic. This awakened in her, feelings she had not known before. Zahara", I’ll quickly tell you the rest of the plot, as Io has a happy end! https://www.momjunction.com/articles/baby-names-inspired-by-flowers_00387996/#gref Narcissus – a genus of predominantly spring perennial plants of the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae. "When choosing a great name for your child, you don’t really have to look any further than your own garden. Heather", His name was Gronw (try to pronounce that?!) "sameAs" : [ Her festival, the Floralia, took place in April or early May and was marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers. Willow also means ‘peaceful’, as the name’s lilt and sound suggest. names that are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. When choosing a great name for your child, you don’t really have to look any further than your own garden. This white flower symbolizes love and romance, as it is ideal for moon gardens. Discordia (Roman) – Goddess of discord and strife. Her name means rainbow in her native language. "Linden is another unique unisex name which is derived from the Linden Tree, the national symbol of Slovenia. He was asleep to her unhappiness and didn’t think twice before he exposed the ways – bragged really – in which he could be killed, which was very much like a riddle. ", Zeus, king of all gods, jumped in at the nick of time and saved the day, feeling compassion for Paeon, who had intended no wrong, he saved him by turning him into a beautiful flower, the peony. From the Ancient Greek word δελφίνιον (delphínion) which means dolphin, said to be how the plant got its name because of its dolphin-shaped flowers. Dianthus may have originated from the myth of Artemis (Diana) but as in nearly all Greek myths, there are a few variations of this story. Well, for most of us, hearing flower girl names make us think of someone beautiful and delicate, like the personification of a flower. Zeus, not the best of husbands, was having a thing with Alceme, a mere mortal, the end result being, he fathered the the Ancient Greek hero Hercules. The linden tree is resilient, long-living, and bears beautiful yellow flowers in the spring. ", Kalina" Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and springtime. Indunn (Nordic) - Goddess of youth and springtime. life. Asteria (Greek) - Goddess of the stars, she escaped the advances of Zeus by changing into a quail. Her Roman name was Flora. Minerva (Roman) - Goddess of wisdom, medicine and crafts. Diana (Roman) - Goddess of the hunt and wild animals. Selene (Greek) – Selene was the Titan personification of the moon, unsurprising then that her name means moon in Greek. Cerridwen (Celtic) - Goddess of moon, magic, agriculture, nature, poetry language, music, art, science and astrology. Metis (Greek) - Ancient, Goddess of wisdom and prudence. Her name means “night queen.” This is one of the Goddess "The name Azalea sounds exotic but still feminine. Aphrodite (Greek) - The beautiful Goddess of love and fertility. Iris – the largest genus of the family Iridaceae with up to 300 species. The following is a list of both major and minor goddess names. "Although not common amongst baby naming sites, Begonia can be a beautiful name for a baby girl. Her name is derived from the Latin word pomus, meaning “fruit tree.”, Rhea (Greek) - The ancient Titan Earth Goddess, responsible for the fertility of the soil and women. There are several variations of the spellings of this Goddess name including: Freyja, Freyr and Freyja. Incidentally, it is also one of the most coveted among garden enthusiasts. And so from here the fates of Blodeuwedd and her husband turns. Below is an exploration of the many faces of this Goddess taken from myths from around the world. As her tears fell to Earth, the beautiful aster flower burst forth. Her role was to serve the nectar and ambrosia to the Gods and Goddesses that prevented them from aging. Blodeuwedd was created by magic, to be given as a wife to a man cursed from ever knowing love or marriage from a mortal woman. Paeon was the physician to the gods who quite unintentionally, drove his teacher, Asclepius, into a rage, after he succeeded in healing Pluto with a milky liquid which he had extracted from the root of a peony.

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