greek word for breath of god

Finally, the breath of God is sometimes a powerful symbol of the Holy Spirit! theopneustos: God-breathed, i.e. The corresponding Greek word is pneuma. Cookie Policy. [G. Archer, "2315 (theópneustos) is better rendered 'breathed out by God' as the emphasis is upon the divine origin of the inscripturated revelation itself" (A Survey of OT Introduction, fn. If we understand the idea of God, especially the Holy Spirit, being like a breath or wind, we can grasp the meaning of the Hebrew word “Ruach.” This word refers to God as a breath, a wind, or a life force that sustains all living things, human beings included. Of these writings, forty-six were sacred texts from the Jewish heritage (Christians call these the Old Testament); the other twenty-seven of them were written in response to the revelation of God in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection (the New Testament). So do we take the Bible literally? When we ask about the truth in Scripture, all these dynamics play a part. When God created Adam, He breathed into Adam's nostrils and "man became a living creature" … Modes of communication convey meaning according to the confines of their genre and in relationship with the culture of the communicator and his or her hearers. We've already learned that the human spirit can be described as God's breath inside of us (which does not refer to the Holy Spirit). Biblical inspiration is an inspired interworking of grace and human freedom. When you get into the Greek behind that, the Greek word is pneuma, which again means "a current of air," "breath," or a "breeze, " and again by analogy, "a spirit." In a footnote to 2 Timothy 3:16, the New American Bible (Revised Edition) states, “God is its principal author, with the writer as the human collaborator. Available at, © 2020 The Word Among Us. Part of Speech: Adjective. 2, by The Evangelical Catholic, published by The Word Among Us Press (2020). The word breath is translated from the Greek word pnuema. [Inbreathing (2315 /theópneustos) relates directly to God's Spirit (Gk pneuma) which can also be translated "breath. The word’s first use in the Bible appears in the second verse: “The Spirit of God [ Ruach Elohim] was hovering over the waters” ( Genesis 1:2 ). inscripturated (written) under divine inspiration. Catholic Tradition proclaims with 2 Timothy 3:16 and with all Christians that Sacred Scripture “is inspired by God.” What does this mean? Pneuma, which means a breathe or a blast of air is normally interpretted as sprit. Genesis 2:7 - Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. The word spirit is also translated from pneuma. However, a fuller grasp of the rich meanings of Scripture comes when we also keep in mind the whole of divine revelation, which encompasses the entire Bible and the Tradition of the Church. In both Hebrew and Greek, the words for "spirit" (ruach and pneuma) also mean "breath"! This is life. Inhale Spirit, exhale praise. 2315 theópneustos (from 2316 /theós, "God" and 4154 /pnéō, "breathe out") – properly, God-breathed, referring to the divine inspiration (inbreathing) of Scripture (used only in 2 Tim 3:16). theopneustos: God-breathed, i.e. inspired by God. Back in Creation, back in Genesis, you’ve got how we were made. Catholic pastors, teachers, scholars, and resources can help aid our study as we seek answers to our most pressing questions. The Catechism lays out three principles for interpreting Scripture: We could summarize these principles by saying that we do not only read a line or book of Scripture in isolation and try to grasp its full meaning. "], 2 Tim 3:16: "Each-and-every (3956 /pás, singular) Scripture (Gk, singular) is God-breathed (2315 /theópneustos) and profitable for teaching, for convincing, for correction, for training in righteousness.". Strong's Greek 23151 Occurrenceθεόπνευστος — 1 Occ. Usage: God-breathed, inspired by God, due to the inspiration of God. The obvious answer is God through His written Word, but there is no explicit definition of worship in the Scriptures. In classical philosophy, it is distinguishable from psyche (ψυχή), which originally meant "breath of life", but is regularly translated as "spirit" or most often "soul". To be alive, we first inhale God’s Spirit, and then we exhale praise. The Bible provides two words in Greek that have been interpreted as spirit and soul. This does not mean that the Bible answers every question, but the Bible does contain the saving good news the Lord wished to reveal. 4151 pneúma – properly, spirit ( Spirit ), wind, or breath. Original Word: θεόπνευστος, ον. I will put sinews on you, make flesh grow back on you, cover you with skin and put breath in you that you may come alive; and you will know that I am the Lord.’” read more. Yet we must bathe all of these pursuits in prayer; even scholars and “experts” stand before God in the same relationship as we do—as his beloved daughters and sons. 7, 29).]. When examining the definitions of the words for worship in the… In the New Testament, the spirit “pneuma” refers to the Holy Spirit. 2315 /theópneustos ("God-breathed"), likely a term coined by Paul, "expresses the sacred nature of the Scriptures (their divine origin) and their power to sanctify believers" (C. Spicq, 2, 193). It has various technical meanings for medical writers and philosophers of classical antiquity, particularly in regard to physiology, and is also used in Greek translations of ruach רוח in the Hebrew Bible, and in the Greek New Testament. We do believe that God can (and does) speak to us in a simple, direct way through any line of Scripture. . So both the Hebrew and the Greek word are talking about breath. The Greek word behind “inspire” here means “to breathe or blow into.” The rich Hebrew word for “spirit”—ruah—is the “mighty wind” hovering over the abyss at creation (Genesis 1:2, NABRE), as well as God’s “breath of life” breathed into humanity in Genesis 2:7.The resurrected Jesus “breathed on” his disciples and told them, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22).

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