healthy chocolate chip cookies | no sugar

It’s sweet, yes, but it also has warm spice notes to it. So glad to hear you loved these!! They were oily, gritty, and the flavor was just awful. If your cookies are turning out a little dryer than you would like, check the following things: are you packing in the oat flour too tightly? Thank you for finally a healthy cookie recipe that doesn’t taste awful!! Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you liked these!! Save up to 85% on gifts from small businesses. 9. Like a couple other reviewers noted my cookies melted in the oven. I don’t know if these could be factors, but not sure how else to help. I am making these right now (they are chilling in the fridge) and the mixture is scrumptious. Can it be possible to substitute whole wheat pastry flour for oat flour? Thank you for the recipe. Loved the coconut flavor. They were a bit ‘off’ tasting and dry. They are always a little larger than "regular" large eggs and have a yellower yolk which tends to add more flavor and moistness to these cookies. Definitely will try with coconut oil too! The second time I made it I only left it in for about 9 minutes n left it to cool. loved the recipe, I noticed you said not to substitute anything especially for the coconut oil, but i had nothing else on me except for canola, decided to take a chance and see if it would work and the recipe turned out delicious! In a large bowl, beat together with a large spoon the egg, vanilla, and almond butter until combined. Chelsea these almost look too good to be true! After cooling they are super crisp, at first I thought they became super sweet as perhaps I put the sugar too loosely and more! Thanks For Sharing. It can be, they will be rock hard though and need to sit out a bit at room temperature I always have best success with just an hour of chilling. I’m so sorry these didn’t work out for you. Only thing I wish I knew is approximately the carb and calorie amount per serving, not sure how to figure that out. Thanks so much. Do you measure the oats before or after blending? How do I store the cookies? Hope you loved these! Thank you. Oh this is one yummy recipe….I had all the ingredients and one 5 year old who was craving chocolate chip cookies. . If these don’t turn out for you, it’s YOU, not the recipe! A perfect reward for my cravings. I believe I got this nutrition label from there. Thank you so much for the comment Alisha! Thanks for your comment! Super easy to make. These look great, can’t believe they are healthy! She likes to grab my hand, pull me into the kitchen and say ‘cookie’ while pointing to the counter where the figs are. I’ll be buying coconut oil soon and trying it out the original way, but they held their form pretty well with canola too Just had to bake them a bit longer though, used 20 minutes instead of ten, Hey Isha! What a compliment! One of the ways I’ve “judged” how good the batches of test cookies are is by how many are left by the end of the day. Thanks for refurbish a timeless classic, love it! I wanted them to be the healthiest possible cookie, but not to taste like…cardboard. Thank you Chelsea for all your hard work experimenting. I’m so thrilled these have been such a huge hit with everyone that has tried them! That means I can eat the whole batch, right?! For some reason we have been mislead by the nutrition facts and this should be clarified. I shared your recipe on my website: Heehee jk. You are under the false impression that there are only 130 calories in the whole batch of cookies, when there are actually 2,446 making only 1 cookie 137 calories! I’m concerned about the coconut oil though.. It’s like 92% saturated fat. I am so trying this! In a medium bowl, add the solid coconut oil and coconut sugar, and beat until fluffy about combined, about 30 seconds. I’m so glad you enjoyed this! I’m going a little crazy here because I don’t have one to stuff in my face right this second! How to make the best healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe that yields delicious soft and chewy cookies. You'd never know that these delicious gluten-free cookies are made without wheat flour. And thanks for the tip about making oat flour from oats in the blender! I haven’t experimented with coconut sugar in this recipe so I can’t say. Love your site. What should the texture look like? Stunning pictures, Pinned! We made these tonight. I’m so glad these have been enjoyed Thanks for the comment! Also make sure you aren’t loosely measuring so the measuring cup is rounded with baking soda., Hi! In erster Linie durch Informieren.

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