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Secret Rogue Mulligan Guide. Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! After both players finish the mulligan, a trained eye or a deck tracker can spot the number and position of cards which were mulliganed away from the opponent's hand. Contact @ The first decision you have to make when you fire up any game of Hearthstone is which cards you want to keep as part of the Mulligan process. Mulligan Guide: Vs all decks: First day of school, Aldor Attendant, Hand of adal with one of the first two. I don't have Jandice, so Silas makes it so that I can throw down a lackey, then Silas, and take control of the board - similar to Jandice. Keep it up and get that legend! Now let’s look at some midrange and control strategies. We can play Argent Squire on turn 1 and Coin into Unbound Elemental on turn 2. The term originates from golf, where it refers to a free shot sometimes given to a golfer in informal play when the previous shot was poorly played. Help Sign In. Therefore, to avoid revealing any information to the opponent, sometimes players would engage in mulligan "standoffs" where both waited until the last possible moment to confirm their mulligans. Our Hero Power will ensure the Defender has some minion to buff. Against Control, you should have a much more value-oriented approach to the Every time you use the Hero Power you’re gaining “free” armor. For example, Warlock Aggro is off to a bad start if it has to Life Tap on turn 2. Wand Thief. Mulligan Guide: Vs all decks: First day of school, Aldor Attendant, Hand of adal with one of the first two. Backstab is debatable, depends on your opponent's class. For instance, if the opponent replaced one or zero cards, they may have an excellent starting hand, so spells useful against 2- and 3- drops might be kept. Once both players have finalized their selections and clicked the redraw button, or the 65 seconds has elapsed, all marked cards will be replaced with new ones for both players, and their new starting hands will be shown to them. Rogue: Stick to keeping the general mulligan along with card synergies. You can also frequently combine cards of lower cost to stay on curve. Our hand also has a reasonable curve of Argent Squire, Unbound Elemental, and Defender of Argus. From here, you can Backstab and Preparation to control the board. Knowing how to mulligan is crucial to performing well in Hearthstone. Face Hunter Mulligan Guide. It is crucial that we stay on curve against the Hunter as we will need to simultaneously pressure his life total and trade for his minions. Managing the mulligan and early game. FeelsGoodMan, MULLIGAN GUIDE IS HERE <3(do not click the spoiler Kappa), Still consistent top50 EU with the deck (07-11-2020), This guide is general for every matchup, are you against Warrior/DH, look at the bottom of this spoiler ;-). for situations you can set it up. Faceless Corrupter is an alternative, It still stands good without pokelt and jandice? Shadowjeweler Hanar once you reach 10 Mana to maximise the number of If you don't have polkelt in your mulligan, keep arcane intellect/novice. we would save the Coin either to use the combo on turn 3 (if it makes sense) or to power a future turn. Before play begins, each player can shuffle any number of the cards they were initially dealt back into their deck for a chance at something different. ©2020 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. A Mulligan Guide to Razakus Priest. So what is a mulligan? What cards set you up for the best early game, and which cards are such a huge swing that keeping them in the opening hand is right—even though you may not play them in the first few turns? Sometimes an expensive card critical to a deck's win condition may be kept simply to ensure it does not end up at the bottom of the deck. Our combo should provide enough cards to fuel our next several turns. This ability to steer the course of a game is what is often referred to as “tempo.” Most commonly, tempo is maintained by using minions or spells to remove your opponent’s minions and keep their board clear. Argent Commander is similar to Doomguard in that, while powerful, he costs too much mana for this early in the game. I will make a mulligan guide later on. Had to make an especially difficult mulligan decision recently? pokelt is good for draw galakrond and play next turn to take value from that,So can be replaced maybe with other invoke card the rush ,The main problem with rogue is heal so must always need a tempo play a good minion like questing can replace jandice ,Pokelt is great against paladins .Mulligan ooze against warr and DH and any 1 cost … Finding a one drop is especially important since we’re on the play and do not have access to the coin. Your only goal from the mulligan is to find polkelt. using generated cards to control the board and grind down oppnents with The Sunfury Protector will allow our Twilight Drake to get aggressive while forcing the Priest to come up with an answer to the purple dragon. Hi, love to play this deck, feels pretty good; but I am new to rouge so I struggle a little bit; I loose against EVERY DH I have to face…-.-, Mulligan for ooze, shadoweaver, shadowstep. Since we have the Starving Buzzard/Unleash the Hounds combo, we would be hesitant to use Arcane Shot on anything short of a Knife Juggler since it weakens our combo. Alura should be kept on the coin. What better way to explore the art of mulligans than to look at some example hands from popular decks? If you've played Hearthstone, you already know that how many cards you are offered in your mulligan is determined by whether you’re going first or second. Both players have 65 seconds to mark as many cards as they like to be replaced with new cards from their deck. We chose to keep one Ancient Watcher since we can play it early and it’s very strong against Warlock Aggro if we draw a Sunfury Protector or Keeper of the Grove. Hearthstone By Dimitris 'Dethelor' Theodoropoulos On October 9, 2017 No Comments. Let’s see what happened. Brave the Beyond: Shadowlands is Now Live! Introduction to ETC OTK Control Warrior. Against Aggro, you should make very liberal use of your spells like highest-value cards from your Discover effects, such as Evocation from Prior to the mulligan, the deck has already been randomly ordered. We could mulligan Sen’jin Shieldmasta, but it is sized and costed well to disrupt what we suspect is an aggressive Mage’s game plan. Or underbelly fences if you have dragons board in your mulligan! -Backstab in combination with any combo card. We are content to use our Hero Power to the extent we don’t have to use our removal. If you don't have polkelt in your mulligan, keep arcane intellect/novice. You always keep Tour Guide, no matter what the match up. [DKMR]Varranis streams every Sunday from 10 AM – 4 PM EST at http://www.twitch.tv/varranis. you to focus on the late game by generating cards. esports news and guides. Hunter’s best strategy against Warlock Giants is generally to play a more generic, linear aggro game with Leper Gnomes and Wolfriders to whittle down the Warlock player’s health. If we then play our Argent Squire on our turn 1, the Rogue can use their Hero Power and Squire to remove ours at little cost. While we won’t be able to play Defender of Argus till later in the game, it is a powerful option to have access to. Note that there are a few scenarios where we would not want to play our Argent Squire on turn 1. That being said, this hand is just about perfect, especially against a slower deck like Priest. Hang in there for Day 4, when it’s time for us to decide on our early game strategy. is clear, or you can clear the board with no Mana expended. If you've played Hearthstone, you already know that how many cards you are offered in your mulligan is determined by whether you’re going first or second. Making a play every turn (often referred to as staying on “curve”) is crucial to keeping your own minions on the board and removing your opponent’s. You can find all of DKMR’s streamers on their website with times and the days they stream! It has no bad matchups. If you already have polkelt, you want to keep wand thief, spell wing, things that contest the board. How do you ever get past Broom or Pure Pally? It can combo with Fiery War Axe to remove a Chillwind Yeti or knock a Water Elemental down to a more manageable size. You’ll also want to mulligan differently based on what you’re up against. Mortal Coil is better suited against other aggressive decks where it can snipe a Young Priestess or combo with an Argent Squire to remove a Knife Juggler. She is a consistent legend This guide will teach you how to mulligan, pilot, and substitute cards for this archetype!

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