honda cb750 review

Read Honda CB750 reviews from real owners. Honda CB750 Road Test. Honda's 2010 release of the automatic gearbox-equipped VFR1200 wasn't the first tourer from the big red wing to have a clutchless transmission. Now, more than 30,000 miles later, his 750 is a slice of history, one of the few pieces of his teenage past that's still around. Home » Bike Reviews, News & More » Honda CB750 Road Test. February 29, 2012 Honda, Reviews. Page 3 of 3. They weren’t the only ones close to doing so … More than 35 years ago, Honda released the 'CB 750A', a variant of the immensely popular CB 750. Later 1969 bikes and beyond use die-casting and for anything beyond 1970, the CB750 market is a bit of a wild west. However, it didn't quite work out that way. Four exhaust pipes, that ‘magic button’ for easy starting and a dry sump engine to give British bike riders some kind of familiarity . Find out what they're like to ride, and what problems they have. He also owns a 1976 Honda CB750 K6 — and has since he drove it off the showroom floor in June of 1977. Honda stole the march on the rest of the world when, in 1969, they launched the stunning CB750. It was hoped the 750A would expand the market for Honda's four cylinder road bike. And it's practically in as good of shape as it was the day he rode it out of Import Cycles, Ltd in Salina, Kan.

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