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Zhongmin’s parents were sad, bringing the baby clothes he wore when he was a child, and begging Zhongmin to survive while laying the baby clothes on him. ( Log Out /  Cai Song made an appointment with others, leaving only Long Shuomin and Xu Shanbin. After a few words, the five people smiled, and they started rehearsing ghostly, howling and passionately. 13. Li Changxue’s wife was waiting outside the operating room door. The family wanted to arrange for hospitalization, but the patient expressed consideration, and the interns next to it all understood that the pain caused by radiotherapy is also unbearable for ordinary people. After Zhang Dongdong received the arrangement for Anzheng aid, he immediately Contact the anesthesiology department and the operating room for emergency laparotomy. An Zhihong has decided to accompany Cai Songhe, so he also packed his baggage early, and in the baggage, he saw Cai Song and the doctor’s code notes that once told him that the two of them were traced back in his mind. Berita tersebut menyebar dengan cepat disekitar pusat medis yang mengarah terhadap kesedihan. 14. Cai Song and the patient three years ago were diagnosed with recurrence of the tumor. Seeing that he is getting weaker and weaker, the only operation to date is to perform the last operation. Jung, when you lied to … Here’s the link: Start-Up: Ep 10 Demo Day, Part 1 Now, let’s move on to the rest before the new episodes roll in. When asked if she would quit her job as a doctor, she immediately hesitated. Episode sebelumnya: Hospital Playlist Episode 11, Sinopsis Episode Terakhir Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode 31-32, Sinopsis Tale Of The Nine Tailed Episode 13. Song-hwa memberinya sepasang sepatu baru untuk dimanfaatkan di rumah sakit. After watching Zhang Dongdong’s careful expression, listening to Zhang Dongdong’s sincere words, An Zhuanyuan slowly raised her hand and held her tightly in her arms. With the efforts of Jin Jun, Zhongmin not only returned from the ghost gate, but also healed completely. Jin Jun was busy until late at night, and he called Li Yichun as he walked. Yang Shuoheng said that he didn’t want to be involved in any relationship after divorce. Esok harinya, kliniknya menerima janji penuh terhadap wanita hamil. Everyone was worried about whether Yang Shuoheng would quit his job as a successor, but Yang Shuoheng said that the company had been handed over to others to manage. Chi-yong menerima hadiah kejutan dari pasien yagn pulih dari operasi otak. Too bad the new episode comes every week I just don't have the patience to wait lol and I'm said this drama will only have 12 episodes. He did not expect to see Li Yichun standing not far away, and the two hugged and kissed happily. The patient Zhiyan, who was in charge of his treatment, was injured by a blunt device. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Situs tentang Sinopsis Film Terbaru dan Terlengkap, Sinopsis Terakhir Hospital Playlist Episode 12, Sinopsis Episode Terakhir Do Do Sol Sol …, Sinopsis Film Superintelligence (2020) L…, Sinopsis Tale Of The Nine Tailed Episode…, Sinopsis Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode…, Sinopsis Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Episode…, Sinopsis Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Ep 15-1…, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Sinopsis Episode…, Sinopsis Film Hell on the Border (2019) …, Sinopsis Film Aa Ab Laut Chalen (1999) L…, Sinopsis Film Jaane Hoga Kya (2006) Leng…, Sinopsis The Goddess Of Revenge Episode …. mx Mar 19 2020 9:29 pm im literally shipping junwan and songhwa Yang Shuoheng found that the baby in the belly did not have a heartbeat. The cry of the pregnant woman came to silence. Trending Now Hospital Playlist Episode 12 (Finale) Recap; Season 2 Predictions. Anyways, to all Hospital Playlist casts and crews, fighting!!! Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 12 (Finale) June 15, 2020 June 15, 2020 / Kmuse. ( Log Out /  Song-hwa terdiam, mendengar ucapan Ik-sun. Li Changxue, who was still having lunch, was a little stunned, but he immediately reacted. Menjelang Natal, Gyu-wol pergi menemui Jung-won di klinik. SINOPSIS Hospital Playlist Episode 1 – 12 Terakhir Last updated on Juni 4, 2020 4 min read SINOPSIS Drama Hospital Playlist (Wise Doctor Life) – Pada tanggal 29 Mei 2019 aktor Jo Jung Suk mendapat tawaran bermain di serial Korea terbaru berjudul “Hospital Playlist”. Li Yixun entered the ward with a group of doctors to announce the discharge procedures. Semua orang sibuk sebab akhir tahun ini diperhitungkan begitu cepat. After receiving the mailed package returned from abroad, Jin Junwei then left alone. After more than ten hours of surgery, Jun Min finally saved his life, but the amount of bleeding was very large, and he needed to observe again. Mereka berkumpul makan malam sebelum mereka berlatih lagu baru. Pasien memberi Chi-yong sebuah pena memberitahunya dia akan menjadi polisi lagi. She was still pregnant, but Yang Shuoheng was very entangled. Change ). Suk-hyung tetap ramah terhadap mantan istrinya terus menjaga komunikasi. Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 12 (Finale) It’s time to say goodbye to our favorite doctors (for now) and see where everyone ended up. Zhiyan was transferred to the intensive care unit for observation after the operation. Berikut ini adalah Sinopsis Terakhir Hospital Playlist Episode 12. Song-hwa membujuk Chi-yong tetap di rumah sakit Yulje dan juga menyelesaikan tahun terakhir residency. The intern next to me was curious why the couple didn’t register, the male mother who accompanied him confessed voluntarily, the son had been diagnosed with cirrhosis as early as in love, but the girl loved each other deeply, even if both were blocked, it was still The wedding was held back without hesitation. Ik-sun bersiap berangkat menuju Spanyol untuk simposium yang akan datang. These words moved everyone present. Li Yixun suggested to observe and treat in the medical department for one year, and then perform surgery after one year.

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