how to load a bostitch t6 staple gun

(Previous model number was the SL125OC-2) For pneumatics, we have the S32SL-OC. Step 3 Lift the slide latch located at the rear of the nail gun. Step 4 Pull the slide away from the nail gun while keeping the slide latch lifted. To release the plunger, push in the plunger cap, which is located at the read end of the magazine, and … Follow the steps below to load nails into a Bostitch nail gun. Step 2 Turn the nail gun upside down. Step 5 Note the arrows that appear on the slide. For pneumatics, we have the S32SL-OC. Loading a Staple Gun from the Rear Arrow and Craftsman staple guns use a spring-loaded plunger to keep the staples jammed against the front of the tool. Step 1 Disconnect the nail gun from its power source. Yes - Bostitch offers a few manual outward clinch staplers, such as model number T6-8OC2 or T6-6OC2.

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