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It dissipated inland the next day. [3][8] There were no names retired for the 1962 and 1968 seasons. When a dangerous hurricane strikes town and Jack and his puppy, Scout, go missing, retired search-and-rescue dog Hero is the only one who can track them down. [1][2] This tied Hurricane Celeste's record for longest-lasting Pacific hurricane. It does not appear to have been used. [11] All in all, these made Hurricane Ava one of the best-observed Pacific hurricanes at the time. Jennifer strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane on August 13, making landfall on Southern Rigela, killing 2 people. [3], At present, the name of any tropical cyclone may be retired or withdrawn from the list of names at the request of a member state, if it acquires notoriety for various reasons including the number of deaths, amount of damages or other impacts. On the afternoon of July 29, 9 ft (2.7 m) swells and 3.5 ft (1.1 m) waves were seen from Kapoho. However, in the case of a particularly deadly or damaging storm, that storm's name is retired, and a replacement starting with the same letter is selected to take its place. The name Jennifer does not appear on any list of retired hurricane names, nor on any modern list. [2] No damages or deaths were reported. Heather dissipated September 1, just before making landfall. The most important system this year was Hurricane Ava, which was the most intense Pacific hurricane known at the time. After weakening to storm strength, it crossed 140°W and entered the central Pacific. It caused more than 60 deaths and more than $460 million in damage. No action has been taken on this proposal yet.[10]. [2] Tropical Depression Jennifer caused rain over several parts of Mexico. [1] Several other much weaker tropical cyclones came close to, or made landfall on, the Pacific coast of Mexico. The deadliest hurricane was Hurricane Janet, which killed at least 1,023 people, while the costliest was Hurricane Diane, which caused US$831 million in damage. Starting in 1979, the World Meteorological Organization began assigning both male and female names to tropical cyclones. At that time, it was coincidentally on the surface of the Earth directly underneath the space station. It then started weakening and slowed down until it dissipated on June 12. On October 1, it became a hurricane category 5 . [2] Lillian never threatened land, causing no known impact.[2]. It took a northeasterly path, rotating around the southern periphery of Hurricane Irah as part of a Fujiwara interaction. Southern Hemisphere tropical cyclone seasons: This page was last edited on 29 August 2020, at 13:45. Emily eventually reached Category 4 intensity on July 22. It is the same list used in the 1969 season. No names were retired, so this list was used again in the 1977 season. [3][8] It was also decided that any significant hurricane in the future would also be permanently retired. [5], This season, all advisories and tropical cyclone data were released and collected by two agencies, the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Center in Redwood City, California,[6] and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu, Hawaii,[7] both of which were coextensive with the National Weather Service Forecast Offices in their respective cities. The cyclone started heading northwest. [1], A tropical depression formed June 26 from a westward-moving area of disturbed weather. No. [2] Emily had a pressure of 972 mbar, which is unusually high for a hurricane of Category 4 strength. There were no names retired for the 1956, 1958, and 1959 seasons. The hurricane began to weaken immediately thereafter and dissipated on October 9. - The Phonetic Alphabet goes International", "Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone Summary July 2007", Monthly Global Tropical Cyclone summary: August 2007, "Subject: B3) What storm names have been retired? As is usual in the northern hemisphere, most traveled generally westward or northwestward, and two reached as far as the waters south of the Hawaiian Islands.[1]. There is not a record of an Atlantic Jennifer, but Jenny was available for use three times in the 60s. Between 1954 and 1959, eight names were deemed significant enough to be retired for 10 years due to their impact, before being permanently retired after 1969. 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