pokémon world championship decks 2019 decklist

To paraphrase Brand’s responses in Heyfonte on the topic, it was included for the mirror match to stop Latios-GX's Tag Purge for a turn, and for nuanced situations where it would be advantageous to stop your opponent’s attacks for a turn to better set up your own board. They will release on November 22nd for $12.99 each. 4 Great Potion is one too many in my opinion unless you planned to play more Malamar than anything else. There is a lot of buzz about this card being included in Brand’s list. Pikarom was expected to be at the top of the meta and so to see it in Top 8 is not a surprise. It’s time for the HCT World Championship 2019 – the most important tournament of the year! I prefer this build of Blacephalon-GX over any of the other variants since Naganadel-GX fits into the deck so nicely with Ultra Space, Mysterious Treasure, and already playing Poipoles in the deck. There are currently no featured deals. Expand your horizons and make new friends on one of the largest Pokémon forums on the net! Tournaments. If you read this send an e-mail to WPM for a cookie. Turtonator can take big knockouts while only giving up a single prize card. I rather like Super Scoop Up in this deck since I don’t think Mixed Herbs would be realistic to pull off consistently and Great Potion might not do enough. 2016-2017. Internationals. I could honestly include every card in this list as something notable since the deck had no stereotype to compare to from prior to the weekend. Cyrus can be used against set up heavy decks like Dark Box and Malamar to really put them back a couple of turns, which will usually allow you to take off with the game if you are set up yourself. The Psychic Energy is included for Naganadel-GX’s Venom Shot which has the energy cost of 1 psychic and 3 colorlesss. Learn winning strategies from a selection of the best players in the game, and start making your own plans for the 2020 World Championships! In Paco's Green’s Reshi we see the complete omission of Great Potion and the inclusion of Hoopa UNM. What is new about this year’s World Championships is that we have the exact format for the beginning of our new season as we had for World’s. I hope you all enjoyed World Championships 2019 whether you competed, spectated, or watched the matches and results from home. The Worlds 2019 Championship decks have been revealed! Please note that these websites' privacy policies and security practices may differ from The Pokémon Company International's standards. Get strategies for your next Pokémon TCG match or video game battle! If this interests you, please fill out this application! Heatran-GX can utilize awkwardly placed Beast Ring attachments and extra Charging Up energy in the late game because of Heatran-GX’s ability that can collect fire energy from your board onto Heatran when it becomes your active Pokemon. Going into World’s Mewtwo & Mew Box was not considered a Tier 1 Archetype, but was widely acknowledged to be strong and potentially a contender for winning the event if a good player went in with a well-prepared list. Hill played a Lusamine which I really like and tried myself, but it was often too slow in a deck that is already too slow. I was quite confident that Limitless and friends would be bringing Ability Reshi to World’s due to the notions I saw online from Robin Schulz on the power of Ninetales and his favor of Ability-based Reshi over Green’s Reshi. You have to do this while keeping yourself from decking out with Oranguru’s Resource Management and keeping the exact cards you need in your hand and deck. Isaiah spoke with Trainer Chip about the deck extensively if you want to learn more. Regionals. Since this list has 18 Fire energy in it, Victini can hit very high numbers while also replenishing your deck with energy in case you didn’t just win the game with Infinity.

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