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Popular Boys' Names. Choosing baby names can be tough. Rufus (Latin Origin) Meaning "red haired". Delicious recipe ideas plus fitness tips and support, delivered to your inbox. This posh boys name could also be spelt Zackery or Zachery. Sanders may be unusual, but it’s definitely posh sounding. Edward (English Origin) Meaning "guardian of prosperity". It means ‘chaste’. A name with imperial root, Octavius means ‘eight’. Our recommended activities are based on age but these are a guide. Dylan is a popular Welsh name, meaning ‘son of the seas’. Theodore is a neat English name, meaning ‘gift from God’. 88. We strive to recommend the very best things, that are suggested by our community and are things we would do ourselves - our aim is to be the trusted friend to parents.Â, We try our very best, but cannot guarantee perfection. By only eating meals from the Healthy Mummy App, this mum has lost 15 kilos in 5 months! Zachary (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "God has remembered". But, hey, to each their own. Would you be game to give any of these opulent names a go? Here are a few more for you to wrap your head around: Have a look at our ultra-edgy chart toppers right here for dozens more ideas. 28. Fenton (English Origin) Meaning "from the fen town". 106. Daniella means ‘God is my judge’. This moniker is derived from the Greek word anastasis, meaning ‘resurrection’. Owen (Welsh Origin) Meaning "well born, noble". URL="http://videotour.sitesell.com/E-Solutions1.html"; google_ad_client="pub-0350197887669519";google_ad_slot="3240462943";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Home  |  Site Map  |  How I Quit My 9 to 5 Job...  |  Baby Links  |   Caterina means ‘pure’. 100. A classic Biblical and Anglo-Saxon name, James means ‘supplanter’. 36. If you want to pay homage to a Karen or Carrie in your family, name your daughter Carina, which means ‘dear’. There’s a reason a name as old as Sophia still reigns the baby name list. 98. Rebecca means ‘to mind’. I believe their family had some sort of aristocratic connection, and in any case their names are certainly in character for it. So enjoy. Alfred, meaning ‘elf counsel’, has the reputation of a refined name. Constantine means ‘constant’. by Mikki Halpin68. Ludlow (English Origin) Meaning "from the loud river". Okay, it's wine. The names in this generator are those used by (English) royalty, and the upper class. 38. 7. Fergie (English Origin) Meaning "strength of man". You’ll see results in 28 days while saving money and eating delicious family-friendly food. Quincy (French Origin) Meaning "estate of the fifth son". Miles (Latin Origin) Meaning "soldier". 25. I agree, the word “posh” makes me cringe — although it is descriptive of a certain something hard to explain in any other way. (RollForFantasy.com), I'm planting trees with my site. This perfectly beautiful name originated from the Gaelic word, meaning ‘strength’. In this fleeting world, where everything is temporary, a name such as Constantine will provide some solace. Meaning ‘from the ash tree’, Ashby has an air of sophistication. 91. Andrew (Greek Origin) Meaning "manly". You will find both "the Bradford is an English name, meaning ‘wide river crossing’. 54. Emeric (German Origin) Meaning "leader". Louisa is an attractive and sophisticated variant of Louise, meaning ‘famous warrior’. If you want a name that’s both elegant, yet contemporary, go for Laurent, a variant of Lawrence, meaning ‘from Laurentum’. Alasdair is the Scottish form of Alexander and means ‘defender of mankind’. Sue Birtwistle66. This gorgeous baby name, meaning ‘good news’, is perfect for the apple of your eye. All other original content is part of FantasyNameGenerators.com and cannot be copied, sold or redistributed without permission. Thomas is a commonly used classic name, meaning ‘twin’. With links to a precious metal and Scottish city, Sterling, meaning ‘excellent’, would cover all basics. It means ‘weaver’. Well, check out the list below. Don't like the names? Rebecca is a variant of Biblical name Rebekah, which belonged to a maiden of modesty, beauty, and kindness. Kamran (Persian Origin) Meaning "prosperous". Rupert (French Origin) Meaning "bright fame". You will find both "the old" and "the unique"... the "recognizable" and the "stand-out" that makes for a really awesome baby name list. Maybe you’d like a baby name meaning ‘prosperous’ in the hope of getting your little one off to the best start in life? Click here to find out more! Lucretius (Latin Origin) Meaning "wealth". Hugo (German Origin) Meaning "bright in mind and spirit". 69. Rupert Scrivener67. It means ‘lord’. Copyright © 2020 Kidadl Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Harry (English Origin) Meaning "army ruler". Eleanor means ‘shining light’. Cielo means ‘sky’. Hurry, New Challenge Starts MONDAY! John, one of those most popular names of all time, means ‘God is gracious’. Legacy (English Origin) Meaning "an inheritance". 90. These names all made Tatler’s annual Posh Baby Name list and are pretty much the epitome of over-the-top elegance. 3. This name is a feminine version of the name Claud. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Theodore (Greek Origin) Meaning "God's gift". Dior means ‘golden’. It means ‘divine’. Also spelled as Laurence, Lawrence means ‘from Laurentum’. This exquisite name, meaning ‘beautiful rose’, has everything that a woman needs to stay classy. Egbert is a classy name, meaning ‘bright edge’. Mum shares why her second pregnancy, a Healthy Mummy one, was a totally different experience second time round! Francesca means ‘from France’. Shortened from the name Clodovicus. Also interesting how the royal family itself seems to play it much safer in their naming — perhaps so as not to seem out of touch. Ulric (English Origin) Meaning "wealthy, powerful ruler". We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. Ynnig’s list 'Posh English Boys' of 34 great name ideas: Alaric - Wilfred! This name is well known for the patron saint of England. With a comeback of traditional names such as Claire and Elizabeth, even Genevieve can be considered. Beatrice, meaning ‘voyager’, will always remind your daughter to travel the world and live her life to the fullest. All Rights Reserved. Old English names also have a variety of meanings, so you are sure to find one that expresses your hopes for your child. via etsy.com Pink Farmhouse Baby Girl Cot Bedding Set by High Cotton Textile Clementine. 16. Almost Royal‘s Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy (Amy Hoggart) definitely come across as posh. 67. Alfred (English Origin) Meaning "elf ruler/counsellor". Xavier is a name with Spanish and Basque roots, meaning ‘the new house’. These posh boy names are associated with prosperity, wealth and luck, perhaps bringing baby good fortune for the future. 43. 3   Bianca means ‘white’. Beau (French Origin) Meaning "handsome". Â. What do you think of the selection? Obviously their names can be whatever they wish just like other people, but some name trends do tend to stick around specific social groups, the same is true for the posh side of life. Claire, meaning ‘bright’, is a lovely variation to the French name, Clara. Gerald is a German name, meaning ‘ruler of the spear’. Some names are just designed to turn heads Luciana means ‘light’.

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