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i.e, superman's, apparently 60+ universal feats, along with the supposed 'negative time' speed feat... No this thread was made to discuss Superman's tier in general. - Post Crisis scaling from Flash and Green Lantern, which are supposed to had Immensurable Speed. He reined back in the character's powers to some extent (although later teams tended to expand them again). You are using an out of date browser. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. How to sustain this sedentary hunter-gatherer society? So lets round that off to about 10x to account for zenkai boosts for the battle of gods arc. goku in in the ressurection f arc so it doesnt matter here. So instead of waiting around for the universal feats, we could find all the solar system ones in the meantime. Think of it like the Simpsons "Treehouse of Terror" Halloween shows. I always try my best to keep things civil. Initially, the powers were toned down (for instance, couldn't survive in space without oxygen), but eventually ramped back up to almost the same level as his predecessor. Earth-Sigma He gets things wrong but he's not completely close minded about it. How can you trust that there is no backdoor in your hardware? 0. He reined back in the character's powers to some extent (although later teams tended to expand them again). Um, how did we suddenly went from Post Crisis Superman to Pre-Crisis Superman? His strangest ability, unique to him, was the ability to mold his face to look like someone else (only used in a few stories in the 40s). Is this a joke? The solution was hypertime which by its very nature meant there was a reality "out there" where the multiverse collapse didn't happen. With that, we had an Earth-1 Superman, an Earth-2 Superman, and the evil Ultraman of Earth-3. This puts him at 10.1 NONILLION TIMES (10,127,040,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x) universal, Ultra instinct has no known multiplier but it was at least 5x-10x ssbkk for omen and maybe 10 to 20 times greater than omen in mastered ultra instinct so that is around 202.5 nonillion times universal. A solar system is whatever is orbiting a star. 10000000001 billion stars exploding is well into the galaxy busting range or higher. User Lists: 0 #1 MysteryMeat. He's practically a higher dimensional being now. Pocket Universe Kryptonians are, for all intents and purposes, Pre-Crisis Kryptonians, with the same level of power as Pre-Crisis Superboy. With Rebirth, we saw the Post-Crisis Superman returned; and now, I believe that the current Superman is some sort of amalgam of these last two (with the emphasis on the Post-Crisis version, as he's still married to Lois, and still has a son with her). Characters, timelines, and events from the varying alternate realities were condensed into one modernized mainstream reality, excising many characters that would otherwise be construed as redundant and rewriting the histories of those characters that continued to be validated in the new ontological template. So while Pre-Crisis Superman puts up a better fight than Post-Crisis Superman, he still loses due to being haxed stomped to death. If you were just asking about the question given in the title of your post, I believe I could provide a decent answer about the differences between those two versions (Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis), but the. There are versions of Superman who can beat Hades like CAS but this aint it! Starting in FLASH #123, the DC multiverse was officially born. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 10 days ago Before Superman left Lois in the 1st issue in. He was thought to have died in the Crisis, but actually survived until the INFINITE CRISIS crossover, as did his Lois. Can post-Crisis Superman destroy the world with his heat vision? mods need to fix. His teenaged cousin Kara had lived in a city on an intact fragment of Krypton; however, that eventually broke down, and she was sent to Earth so he could take care of her; she became Supergirl, of course. Follow 600., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, There are several alternate realities that continue to be accessed by the primary DC reality and its inhabitants or are accessed by extradimensional beings. A new history was written – one that rendered many of the older DC stories apocryphal. remember when screwattack did goku vs superman 1 and 2? Both Pre crisis Superman and Post crisis Superman have shown that they can affect something like Infinity, so for the moment they are more or less equal in power. |. This brought us the Post-Crisis Superman. at first everyone was like "wow they researched.....they are right".....but when people dug out the context of all the feats they were shitting on screwattack, Okay, just found a video on youtube of a guy named SosaPotence 300 who went over seth's video. Hades gg. While the multiverse was eventually recreated, we mostly saw it populated by characters from one-off stories, or variations on the themes above. Pocket Universe Kryptonians are, for all intents and purposes, Pre-Crisis Kryptonians, with the same level of power as Pre-Crisis Superboy. Also whats with the constant Hades threads? Idiot didn't even look at the scan that made it blatantly clear that all they did was travel back in time, in a joint effort with their kinnetic energy. Superman wins because he's superman he dies a painful death. Why does Slowswift find this remark ironic? Hal Jordan can only travel though time via Time Manipulation, not by sheer speed. Wiki Points. 2. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Is it illegal for a police officer to buy lottery tickets? Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. This is then halved because beerus supressed himself to the same level as goku. Conventional attacks, space and time no longer affects him at all. Differences between different incarnations of The Flash. You might wanna re-word your question a bit. Who wins this group battle NO WANK NO SOUL CRUSH. He got a Kara and a Krypto, but (again) not until the 2000s. Wasn't the whole point of this to go over seth's claims in the video? Superman - Crisis to Crisis (This is a Respect thread that contains most of the post-crisis feats from 1985 to 2010) Notable Attacks/Techniques: Kryptonian Physiology: Superman's cellular structure is much more dense, resilient, and biologically more effective than human tissue. When the character came back on-stage post-Crisis (coming out of the Convergence event), they now have a son named Jonathan. Any thoughts? Superman Doomsday (Gog Wars) They pooled their kinetic energy to travel back to the present. What are the differences between Hawkeye and Green Arrow? What is the difference between Action Comics and Superman? Unless otherwise stated, all version have powers including enormous strength, flight, invulnerability, super-speed, heat vision, x-ray vision, etc. I've recently watched a video from someone(not going to say who but I think some of you might know)and in that videos he said there were more universal feats than there are solar system feats. From ressurection f to universe 6 vs universe 7 tournament arc in the time chamber they got a little stronger. That means that only about 0.0000000000000000000042 percent of the universe, contains any matter. Superman Doomsday (Gog … Hades won't even perceive Supes as a threat. As of 2012, how many different canon versions of the Superman character exist? Goku would already be~4.11x universal at this point, but then when you stack ssg on goku's post god ki absorption base form he becomes a whopping 1,012,704,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1.01 OCTILLION) times universal in ssg after absorbing god ki, ssb is super saiyan+ ssg so it is either 50x(grade 1 multiplier) or 500x(grade 4 mastered ssj multiplier) stronger than ssg. You seem, he could move planets out of (or back into) their orbits; which he would apparently do by simply using flight and strength together, and pushing the planet. The entire mythology of the pre-Crisis depiction of Krypton was invalidated by the dramatic alterations to the Post-Crisis interpretation of Kryptonian society, and all other Kryptonian survivors were retroactively removed from the timeline due to the circumstance that retroactively made Superman truly the Last Son of Krypton. Literally a little ant trying to take on a full grown Lion. The main purpose of this forum is to discuss how to properly index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Any good answer will be a very long list, which is off-topic for this site. In the 1970's, we found out he had eventually (sometime after we started reading about the Earth-1 Superman in the comics) married Lois Lane; they had no children. Very odd. There's actually a good answer for this on Quora, but link-only answers aren't allowed, and stupidly long answers aren't allowed, so I guess my hands are tied in this case. He adopted his identity as a young man; he had not been Superboy as a child. I've been looking and haven't found it but granted I haven't had that much time to do so. Why is Soulknife's second attack not Two-Weapon Fighting?

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