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La biblioteca está a 20 metros de la librería. - How do I get to the hardware store? In this lesson, we will learn how to say the names of common places in Spanish. Played 339 times. 3 years ago. Use the song with the free printable lyrics and drawing pages. “el mapa Ciudad ELE. ¿Cómo llego a la ferretería? For higher level classes you can have your students create organized tours of the city making sure to provide relevant information, brochures and lists of must see places for future tourists visiting your area. Learn the Spanish names for places found in and around your school. Here are a few more examples with places in Spanish and verbs in the past tense. The school is on the corner of the street, The bus station is located next to the supermarket, The supermarket is on the north side of the city, The jewelry store is two blocks south of the school, There is a clothing store near the hardware store, How do I get to the hardware store? ESTAR will be used in its forms ESTÁ and ESTÁN following this sentence structure: ¿Dónde + ESTÁ/ESTÁN (ubicado) + definite article + place? Rara Academic by Rara Theme. Once you’ve compiled a list of what’s available in your town/city create a wall-sized drawing of what the city has to offer making sure to label each part and if posible providing some written information about the most important sections. Match each place with its corresponding meaning. This map activity is similar to the one listed above, but also includes a section on places that interest the students. Here are two more examples with audio for you to check the pronunciation of these questions. Start studying Spanish: Places in School, People in School. See: Giving and asking for directions in Spanish. santosspanish. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing - we love our jobs! A good way to start is by learn the names of common places in town in Spanish, and the way to give basic directions in Spanish too. - Where is the hotel? You will notice each name of a place is accompanied by definite article (el, la..). ANSWER: Feb-28-2009 by Wellesley Gayle Hi Denny, The following Spanish place names have been found with short notes on each place. Here’s a list of fun ways you can practice teaching about different places in Spanish class this school year. For higher levels have each student use a game piece, moving along the map and having interactions in the places they stop. ¿Dónde está el hospital? That provides a way to mix culture and language learning. For lower level/younger classes you can keep this simple and visual by asking each student to bring in something about the city. The movies is two blocks away from the theater. Our latest song features simple and natural language that highlights some of the key differences between living in a city and living in a town or more rural area. Thanks for reading along with us. If you want to ask for directions, you can use "¿Dónde " which means "Where" and "estar" (to be). Just, highlighting that it’s not just a job, but a way of life. That being said, this summer we tried to disconnect by reading, traveling and taking time to rejuvenate by doing all of the activities we don’t normally have time for during the year. The city OFICINA DE CORREOS – ¿Donde quedaba la oficina de correos? We will begin this lesson with a picture showing some common places in town in Spanish. For HAY we follow a different grammatical structure so instead of definite articles, we will use indefinite articles (un, una…): Hay + indefinite article + place (lugar) + directione.g. and ¿Dónde quedan los hoteles? When you see expressions such as ANOCHE, AYER, LA SEMANA PASADA and others then you will know we are talking about past events. Spanish vocabulary: PLACES 3 votes. – Just continue one block north. They identified the most important monuments in the city, looked at the different neighborhoods and zones, and finished the unit by drawing a picture of the city hall and learning about the mayor. SALÓN DE BELLEZA – Estuvimos en el salón de belleza de la esquina. As with the other map you can also work directions, prepositions of place and a wide range of related vocabulary. ¿Dónde queda la farmacia? and ¿Dónde hay un parque?. “Los hoteles quedan sobre la avenida central” and “La farmacia está junto a la tienda”. For those going back to school in early August, best of luck, and for those of you still soaking up the last rays of summer - Enjoy! We also like that this map is based on a Spanish city, Valencia. Get unlimited access to our content library. 0. Today we’re exploring the theme of talking about different places in Spanish. Complete these sentences with the correct place in Spanish. These were taken from Frank Cundall’s text "Jamaica Place Names" (pages 4-7) published in 1909. A good way to start is by learn the names of common places in town in Spanish, and the way to give basic directions in Spanish too. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Summer is [insert every incredible adjective here!]. The school is taking on project based learning and at the end of the project the students went out to explore their city, reviewing everything they had learned and appreciating the field trip as a reward for a job well done. Hay una tienda junto al hotel and “Hay una farmacia junto a la tienda “. Basically, these verbs will be used in sentences with places in Spanish like “Fuimos al parque” (We went to the park) and “Comimos en el restaurante” (We ate at the restaurant). Powered by WordPress. Complete each sentence with the right form of the verb in the past tense. Also, pay attention to the examples of sentences with places in Spanish in the picture. Did you meet Marcos in the grocery store? We were in the beauty salon on the corner. Hence you can not start it again. 3 years ago. Complete each direction with the correct preposition of place in Spanish. – Yes, we went last week. One of our teachers used the city unit to help her students get to know the city they lived in. Spanish I Places in School DRAFT. Save. If so, we’d love to hear about them! Listen to the pronunciation and download free vocabulary sheets. Edit. The last group of examples will be using verbs like VER, IR, DETENER, COMER, ESTAR y QUEDAR in the past tense in Spanish. The verb "hay" can also be used with Spanish indefinite articles (un, una, unos, unas) instead of definite articles (el, la, los, las). Also, know that the word CUADRA (block) is used to measure a 100 meters distance and you can say the distance in Spanish from one place to another with the phrase [ESTAR/QUEDAR A + distance + DE + place of reference], for example: “El restaurante está a 3 cuadras de la gasolinera” or using a specific distance “La biblioteca está a 200 metros del cafetín”. by santosspanish. Then try solving the vocabulary quiz. With possibilities for beginners to advanced level this ELE map found on Profe De Ele is a great addition to any unit on city vocabulary/directions. – Si, fuimos la semana pasada, Did you go to the central park? ¡Buena suerte! Those are the questions for directions in Spanish, but how do we answer? This word list is really helpful when you are getting around in a Spanish-speaking country. – Quedaba ahí. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. We don’t know about you, but we are constantly seeing things that remind us of our students and Spanish classes and gathering inspiration for the upcoming year. This lesson will introduce the vocabulary for places in Spanish through a list of sentences about location and activities people do in the places they visit. Which of these places are using the wrong definite article in Spanish? How do you say "bathroom" in Spanish? Check the translation provided to see which verb is being used in the example. There are three verbs used to ask for directions: quedar, estar and haber. Follow our site for instant translation, daily grammar, and vocabulary lessons. Asking and Telling Time in Spanish: rules, examples & quiz, Talking about Time in Spanish: Conversations and Listening Practice, Giving Directions in Spanish: Phrases and Conversations, Saying your House and Email Address in Spanish, Talking about the Weather in Spanish: Verbs and Expressions, Places in the City in Spanish – PDF Worksheet, Giving Directions in Spanish – PDF Worksheet, Asking for Directions in Spanish – PDF Worksheet, Talking about Transportation Means in Spanish, Getting around Campus in Spanish - Listening Practice, Spanish Phrases and Questions for Basic Conversations, La familia - Describing your family in Spanish, Drinks in Spanish: Vocabulary and Listening. ¿Dónde están ubicados los hoteles? Let’s start…. We are big fans of working the language verbally and love any and every opportunity to get students interacting with one another. This short quiz will test if can recognize the names of some places in Spanish in order to give you an idea of what words you need to work on the most. Our latest song looks at the differences between rural living and city life and we thought it would be fun to mix and match it with some other activities we know and love. Notice that prepositions of place like JUNTO A, FRENTE A and EN are very useful when asking for or giving directions in Spanish so make sure you understand how to use them.

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