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", "To build. With the Demodogs eradicated and the Gate sealed, the human world unknowingly enjoyed a quiet victory. Will's next vision took place at school, shortly after he encountered Dart in the bathroom. Don't you see? Shadow MonsterThe BrainHe/Him (by Will, the Party and the Flayed) Hopper and Eleven arrived at the now-abandoned laboratory, and as they descended through the vast depths below, the Mind Flayer's huge silhouette loomed behind the other side of the Gate. Visual-effects producers Paul and Christina Graff were tasked with designing the creature. And now, you are going to have to let us stay. While his friends argued with the arcade's employee, Will became distracted by another vision. With Eleven back from her trip to Chicago to find "The Lost Sister," they are able to use her telekinetic powers to close the gate which she had opened before the events of season one. Stranger Things 2 introduces a brand new Big Bad from the Upside Down, and it's is far more terrifying than the Demogorgon ever was. When the Party runs out of ammo, the Mind Flayer tries to kill El again, but he is stopped by Billy. On Halloween night, Will experienced yet another vision while trick-or-treating in Loch Nora, a wealthy neighborhood in Hawkins. And when you are gone, we are going to end your friends. A common feature among these moments is the infected being reminded of positive or happy memories(Dart remembering Dustin feeding him nougat, Will being reminded of happy memories involving his friends and family, Billy being reminded of his mother) these moments, along with how the Mind Flayer storm in Billy's mind was filled with traumatic memories from Billy's childhood, seem to suggest that the Mind Flayer feeds on negative emotions and memories. He could, like the Mind Flayer, believing that he is a superior race and wants to dominate every dimension possible. The Mind Flayer was thwarted two times by Will's friend, Mike, but when Will finally decided to confront the Mind Flayer, he became possessed by a piece of the Mind Flayer. In addition, they were inspired by volcanic eruptions with lightning storms in South America. The Spider Monster was originally relatively small, being composed purely out of Flayed rodent bodies; however, he rapidly grew into his fully-fledged state after finally consuming the converted humans. The Flayed Billy managed to trap Mike, El, and Max at a dead end before knocking all three of them unconscious and taking El hostage. Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down, Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, Stranger Things 2: Behind the sequel's big, bad 'shadow monster', The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer’,, It's possible that to be infected, one needs to have a tendril similar to the. The Mind Flayer Unleashing countless Demodogs into the underground tunnels, the Mind Flayer seemed hell-bent on destroying his enemies. He seems to have an elongated, flame-shaped head that sprouts from the central body that bears no visible facial features. All this time, we've been building it! ; The Mind Flayer, aka the Shadow Monster… At first, he believes that the harrowing images of the Upside Down that he keeps randomly seeing are flashbacks, as does Dr. Owens (or at least so he says) who has taken over Hawkins Lab from Dr. Brenner. The allies realized what had to be done, sending Eleven and Hopper on a mission to close the doorway between worlds. Finally, Eleven channeled her anger and closed the Gate, sealing the Mind Flayer's main form back inside the Upside Down. Then, he watched in horror as the Mind Flayer rose high into the air before pursuing him through Loch Nora. The Mind Flayer's ultimate goal and why he constantly tries to enter our world is also unclear. What you see.". Lovecraft sort of approach, this inter-dimensional being that is sort of beyond human comprehension."[2]. The Mind Flayer is a gargantuan entity, being at least 50 stories tall. The creators of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer, have long said that they wanted to create their own pop-culture monsters. Our favorite Hawkins residents may have won the battle against the Demogorgon in season one, but in Stranger Things 2 the war has only just begun against the Shadow Monster. We've been building it... for you. However, Hopper managed to fend off the Dogs, while El used her powers to neutralize the coil. Exactly how long it had existed for, and how and why it came into existence, is unclear. He appears to be the architect of the Upside Down's ecosystem, or at least has power over it as every living thing that exists in the alternate dimension is connected to him. Although these attempts largely failed, Will mentally fought back against his captor and regained control of his left hand. Despite having an episode named after it, the creature itself is not present in said episode, The Mind flayer is very similar to the Elder gods of H.P. ", Because Will doesn't have control of this ability, he keeps on dipping into the Upside Down, which the Shadow Monster is obviously aware of (and possibly manipulating), so he wants to use that connection to spread his power into the human world. It is unknown if the Mind Flayer is entirely made of smoke, or if there is any physical anatomy to the creature. However, he saw a red light illuminating the walls of his house. Will later mentions that the Mind Flayer is back, and it is eventually discovered he is controlling multiple people. All of it for you. Physical information The kids believe that Will is able to see into the other dimension because somehow acquired "true sight" while he was down there, which Dustin explains is having the "power to see into the ethereal plain. He found himself in the Upside Down version of the neighborhood. The creature was highly hostile toward anyone and anything that threatened his plans; using his almost omnipotent intelligence and dominion over the Upside Down to his advantage, he would develop ways to thwart and outsmart his adversaries. 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Will Byers, a young resident of Hawkins, was captured by a Demogorgon and brought to the Upside Down's version of the town's public library. After Will took advantage of his possession to rescue Jim Hopper where the tunnels were burned by the government soldiers, the Mind Flayer used his possession of Will, forcing him to trick the soldiers into going a trap, as revenge for hurting him through the burning of the tunnels. The Spider Monster is composed of the bodies of the Flayed: dozens of congealed organisms, both human and animal, who were converted to serve the Mind Flayer's will. The entity takes a particular interest in Will, who is still suffering from his prolonged experience in the Upside Down. Steve Messing, a matte painter who was also consulted on the designs of several other Stranger Things elements, created concept art of the creature based on tornadoes, volcanoes, and other natural forces. He wields supreme control of the Upside Down, as well as the Demogorgons, tendrils, and the Flayed. We certainly can't wait to see them. Will walked out into the Upside Down and witnessed the obscured but distinctive silhouette of the Mind Flayer amongst the clouds.

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