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Electric Strikes; Transformers & Rectifiers The CRX-A-86-32D Cylindrical Storeroom lock with Ligature Resistant Arch Lever Trim is designed for Facilities Housing Patient and Individuals at Risk. Price $710.00. Steve The CRXA is a grade 1, heavy-duty cylindrical with 5-Point ligature resistant arch trim. The CRX-K-84 Classroom Lock Is Ideal For Use in Behavioral Health Care Units, Institutions. Actually, usecase for template template parameters is rather obvious. Acrobat Distiller 10.0.0 (Windows) �4��L�jJ/?aD�QĐ��u�!����2]#��;���]>�C��6�QW�1>�KI Townsteel Locks, Ligature Resistant Hardware, TRX, CRXA, CRXK Cylindrical Locks, MRXA, MRXK, MRXL Mortise Locksets. 2016-03-17T13:43:52-07:00 Backset 2-3/4" standard, 5" optional. C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ATownsteel\ACAD\Templates\CRXA template.dwg ` %�(� endstream endobj 63 0 obj <>stream Door Thickness 1-3/4", other upon request. endstream endobj 64 0 obj <>stream r�u�����߻����f�L���D��;��C� w8O���Oq�e�ok(�.�*/@uYDH� G@a�ق��*>ɪ��S�6\�h �\fq�}v�o�[4�M�&�E�Q w%Tǰ���O�o���|[��ܨp����vq�ѹY�����@!���|�/��>���� ۬�&J^����ƻ��rCzsi��I�p�������W���A�ۈ[2n�w�����A7w4�']���~��CSԸ��g2��N�\��������KS8؅�rF�W�S� It fits standard 161 door prep. PRICE LIST ANSI Grade 1 Heavy Duty Mortise Lock MSS Commercial Mortise Lockset Series sectional trims available in 8 different designs. Download free print templates for your TownStix A4 and US Letter size labels. See Manuf Spec's For More Info UL 10C 3-hour rated. H��WK����Z�2EI�t� /|��g��j� ��͌��ORu��0] Template [software] - Een template of een generic (type) is een sjabloon voor een stuk code. TownSteel is committed to bringing you exceptional products that make a difference in keeping people safe. endstream endobj 66 0 obj <>stream Met behulp van templates is het mogelijk een stuk broncode te genereren, zodat het voor meer object types bruikbaar is. Heavy Duty Grade 1 Cylindrical with 5-Point Ligature Resistant Arch Trim. h�DN�j�0��b"K���ºB�>{q��(V����W�в�ٙ��yb���Y�+��J�������lG���:٪��Z�r+�)7��b�\���� {Ŕ��u� ������V{�[�5!��2a�̔��H��L>LLIQ�A��g��׃��U x���oc ��3�q�3!��{c��CiQ����0z�­��t�` mR endstream endobj 67 0 obj <>stream JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. �"�`�׀�Հ�����[�CrB؞�ȶ� ���$�!�"�<1�ɗY���K\AƘ-��e�j�~�b!����Ckǔ��P��y�i1�l!������g[�Z���d^5���q��2[(�-@I�*�_����X�}�"J*5�Ϭ��E~ i8�;{`��tl��&ϻ?ͦ��h��*�j�F�j$\�M\>�.ߴM��њh*�v4CJ���`(M��Ԩx�ɢ��);���\����Z������I�=�E@�XL �א�yS��SR�{"��T �cٔd.����)�N�mۇ�6'�l���F>�إ�^���W�d�W�l�8{�VlZ^ �[��%�4 ڱ(��{�!�j&f|0�gi���m�)��&�R����Y]{��]=d�•; ��G~u�l�[�肾A�!C�͘�,U�O�%�'���N]��bqsl�� �=!x�9�#qJC�a�F/(���c�����������+��^�k@��`6�_�x7, C:\Users\Steve\Documents\ATownsteel\ACAD\Templates\CRXA template.dwg. 2016-03-17T13:43:52-07:00 Grainger's got your back. UL 10C 3-hour rated. Handing Handed. �@��W�7Xg�Y�C���n�Aj�.��A�}k�%��� �a�u�xʈ���P�g��)��[W�n A240HD & A240LL Template A240HD - "EA" Option, Easy Access Concealed Electrification for Aluminum Continuous Geared Hinge - Template A240 - "EM" Concealed Electrical Magnetic Monitoring Switch Template Looking for TOWNSTEEL Ligature Resistant Lock, Mechanical, Heavy Duty, Keyed Different, Satin Stainless Steel (38TH48)?

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