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Failure, to thrive at their own pace and insufcient ac, tivity of students was one of the drawbacks of, who are not uniform in knowledge and never, pay enough attention to those who are not suf-, are above their average. This is supported by, ... As before, learning is not limited to the class days, and students can access new information or review previous lessons at any time and any location. In this study, the suitability of these devices for demonstrating Classical Mechanics, minimizing the use of resources and class time, has been assessed in two real classrooms (with 16 to 19 year-old students) by conducting experiments related to projectile motion (vertical free fall and parabolic motion). A student starts their experience with computers mostly during their primary years of education. The teach-, er chooses to keep average to good teaching, where children with insufcient knowledge, would not get the necessary knowledge. A purposeful sampling of 14 certified teachers aided in data collection through an open-ended questionnaire, focus group, and individual face-to-face interviews. ερωτήματα που τους είχαμε θέσει). Appealing and Better introduction (presentation) of data through applications programming software like Microsoft PowerPoint to introductions for creating splendid presentations for lectures & notes. Most respondents emphasize that using ICT in education is necessary and this trend is irreversible. In this response, we will not address all of the lacunae and misrepresenta-tions in the report, as this would require an extensive revisiting of research already available in several sources (Behrmann, 2000; Clements & Nastasi, 1992; Clements & Sarama, 1997). The objective of the research was to obtain data on the attitudes of the future generation of teachers towards using new media in their didactic and educational activities. These two groups represent a group of. Students benefit from instant access to information and build technological skills to prepare them for work in a digital world. They can use Microsoft Power Point to prepare electronic presentations about their lectures. Pre- and post-surveys were administered to examine participants’ self-efficacy beliefs for technology integration. In 1995, we argued that "we no longer need to ask whether the use of technology is 'appropriate'" in early childhood education (Clements & Swaminathan, 1995). The findings reveal greater use of research-based best practices in FTL classrooms and greater teacher confidence to integrate tech-nology as compared to normative data. Fifty college teachers have been chosen randomly to represent the main study sample. The results obtained in non-perfected conditions led to an estimate of the acceleration of gravity with an error lower than 2%. Los resultados obtenidos en condiciones no optimizadas han conducido a una estimación de la aceleración de la gravedad con un error inferior al 2%. In addition, the praxeological dimension allows to present the characteristics of the The study did not find characteristics related to effectiveness for sixth grade math or algebra. One of the primary uses of computers in education is ‘the Access to the Internet’ for information search about any topic. School district administrators implement 1:1 programs into classrooms with the expectation to enhance students’ academic abilities and promote 21st-century skills. Teaching and learning activities are carried out through electronic media in which lecturers use information and communications technology (ICT) as the main source to impart knowledge. . The major goal of the FTL initiative was to help students to gain 21st century knowledge and skills while increasing their learning and achievement through the integration of over 20,000 laptop computers with comprehensive teacher professional development. modern learning over traditional learning. The purpose of this qualitative instrumental case study was to explore pre-K-12 teachers' perceptions, practices, and professional development with newly implemented 1:1 laptop devices.

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