vertex steel string alternative

No pedal is gonna get that for you, though you can get pretty close with some other kind of good, fender-y clean amp and the right technique. $96 + $15 Shipping. The origin of this nonstandard usage of the term Google 'Jack Orman pedals vertex' to understand further. lol, people really hold grudges around here. IMO you can always buy used with a clear conscience. It's fine to do your take on something or just make something that isn't there anymore. Don't talk politics and don't throw stones. He's supplying a demand, that's the way I see it, I'm not demanding it but I can't fault him for making what people want. Well the Steel String pedal is exactly the pedal he wanted before he started his journey to the Klon. I’ve been seeing the YouTube videos for the vertex steel string supreme and I really like the tone. I know this amp has a scooped sound and the SS … By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Sure its only the colour that is different, great pedals, The Lightspeed is the one for me... transparent and great for this purpose. I think if I knew him I'd enjoy his company, if he was at a party we'd get along. I should have also said that I do already have a ts mini and that is great but I just liked the idea of a pedal that gives a gentle boost to help breakup on the edge. Make an Offer. I think you’d be pretty much there with a tube screamer and blues breaker combo. More posts from the guitarpedals community. Isn’t the Vertex basically a reboxed Mooer ? Voicing toggle — One added feature the MkII brings to the table is the Jazz/Rock toggle. whammy bar or tremolo arm, although vibrato is the technically correct The Klon DOES NOT sound a bit like a beefed up Fender amp, In fact it does not sound like any amp, LOL A … The mythology that surrounds Alexander Dumble’s creations has led to an entire cottage industry of builders trying to replicate that sound, but without the five-figure price tag. Well the KingTone Duelist of course. Or a Fuzz. The rig doc seems alright? LightSpeed will do that but if you want a bit more control the JHS Clover would do a good job as well. So, we're left to decide on our own if this is right or wrong. I have a fender Princeton 65 and want to find something that will compliment this amp. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. ... Works very well with other pedals and is a great alternative to a compressor, running in tandem with slight compression nails singing cleans without any dirt or color. No Sweepy, it's a Jack Orman designed boost (same as the Analogman Bad Bob) but with a tone stack added (from a Big Muff I think). Vertex steel string alternative? Got myself a Vertex Steel String the other day. He's not making a penny off a used purchase. Reactions: Jim Marciano. Thanks for all the ideas. Excellent. The Bigsby was the first successful design of what is now called a If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! He's got great marketing, decent sounding products, and he's a good salesman. I sort of agree to an extent but JHS let's you know when he's cloning or copying something. Unfortunately, the brand has not always been forthcoming about where its effects come from. Where would you get something like that? When it comes to Mayer-style compressed clean and lead tones, the Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme — based on serial #001 of a legendary six-figure tube amp — … And so, we blame him for the ruse on us? fluctuation in pitch. Dec … But I’ve also read about the controversy of vertex in general and I’d prefer to spend my money elsewhere. Vertex Effects has a slightly controversial history. What's the controversy? Staff member. I can't fault him for that but I can see why people don't like him. Some kind of TS + klone/bluesbreaker combo is your best bet if you wanna aim for his kind of tone. I don't mind a clone, I mind respect and credit where it's due not being acknowledged. term for the musical effect it produces. So why is this any different? Can you guys recommend a pedal that’s similar that can do the John Mayer/SRV thing that the vertex seems to get? Vertex Steel String Singer. Press J to jump to the feed. That's the right thing to do and I'll keep it at that, but when I see someone make a green drive they certainly let us know what it's inspired by. That means you can fit even more D-style goodness onto your overloaded pedalboard systems. I prefer the pedal with 18 volts. The Vertex Steel String MkII manages to pack all the vibey analog tone of the original into a slimmer, sleeker stomp — a reduction in size of roughly 33%. Is the J Rockett Lenny in the same ballpark? I don't know which Mooer pedal you're thinking of. all timmy pedals are the same I think. I’ve been seeing the YouTube videos for the vertex steel string supreme and I really like the tone. I feel like both JHS and Vertex have done a lot to try and regain the trust/faith/respect in the pedal community. Your royal highnesses. This pedal is meant to emulate a Dumble SSS and the tones from players such as John Mayer and SRV. I was just wondering if any UK builders were making a clone of this Vertex pedal? Or a Klon. Seller on Vacation. I was looking into it and it sounds like he was putting his label on cheap products and raising the price. Messages 19,743. The Vertex Steel String Singer is a rip off of the Jack Orman AMZ-FX Boost 2.5. The first two things he came clean on, and he's gone as far as offer a lifetime return on those products. Also I think they were accused of copying someone else work and calling it their own without giving credit. I'm somewhat neutral on this one based on personal philosophy, logic & reasoning, and understanding the main ideas behind business and being a salesman. I too, would avoid supporting his business. All that said, along with the bbe wah incident and the rebranded of cables, some people in the gear page discovered that a number of Jack Orman's pedal designs were made, sold and claimed as Vertex's own and then sells them for a ridiculous price when they're actually quite cheap to make. Watch. Excellent. I personally think he should just come out and say his influence was from these designs, regardless of if he changed a single component or kept it exactly the same. Wampler Euphoria/ecstasy gets very close and has a bit more too, Alternatives are the Bad Bob clone I have for sale in the classifieds. I still see the "JHS hate" in the sidebar thing, and that ends at 2012.

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