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with your six easy-to-build Death Guard Poxwalkers plus Bugman's Glow paint. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Update 10/09/19 – Issue 55‘s Alchomite Stack has been updated to show that this is actually just the pipes. Start with our list of Essential Hobby Tools which will lead you to find the Top-10 tools for each category. Update: 26/02/19 – From this issue onwards, Ther have been some changes to the leak based on issue covers released by Forbidden Planet. These have been added below. Because i don’t know if the codex for ultramarine adn Death Guard are included or is planned something else for the rules. Join us on Facebook to talk about Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. If this is real, I hope they don’t keep me waiting for 4 weeks with only 2 parts of this. this is now the 100% accurate confirmed list of issue contents. I would be interesting to see what the value difference is for the people who are paying for the premium war sets – like myself. Like with issue 16 the Total Value comes from the cost of Dark Imperium Divided by the 8 sprues in it. I was immediately impressed with the magazine (see my first issue impressions here) and have been eagerly awaiting it’s delivery every 4 weeks. It was only this month that it was made available across Europe. The original contents here were Sprue E from Dark Imperium, now that has become the contents of Issue 34, So I’ve put Issue 34’s original contents (Sprue C from Dark Imperium) here. A beast of a model, again this comes over 2 issues, but a huge saving. Each issue of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest comes with a selection of miniatures, scenery, paints, or brushes, PLUS an exclusive magazine with assembly and painting guides and background to the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. Warhammer Conquest magazine is popular, so popular that it’s left people outside of the UK screaming to get their hands on the subscription. Plus, 8-10 bucks a month for all that, over that amount of time for the whole 80 issue run seems more feasible. This is Sprue E from the Dark Imperium Boxes Set. Within the whole Warhammer Conquest collection, you get all 8 of the sprues from Dark Imperium. Learn how your comment data is processed. The latter was removed and replaced with Thousand Sons Blue. Originally the contents wee listed as Abaddon Black, Ushabti Bone & Clagar Blue. Update 19/04/19 – Thanks to a further release of cover art from Forbidden Planet – we have now confirmed the contents of Issues 38 – 46. And it’s a nice way to be drip fed more on a regular basis. You’ve read the stories, been amazed at the stunning artwork, assembled and painted your miniatures – now you are ready for battle. I’ve added it now. It seems highly likely that Alchomite stack is actually the part from the magnavent which is going to seriously hit the value on those 3 issues. Personally, this breakdown makes me even more excited than I was before and I’m actually considering getting a second subscription just for some practise models. Really wish they made a US release for this subscription. It’s in Italian, but it’s not hard to work out since the product names are the same English names. Why haven’t we had any transfers in this whole collection? Update 21/01/19: The Warhammer Conquest team themselves have responded to this article with the following; This is based on the Spanish subscription and content may vary and is subject to change. This is not an age of heroes. But that is just one facet of the hobby. 4 issues for a model that comes on 3 sprues. More likely this is one of the sprues from Dark Vengeance but for the sake of simplicity, it could be 2 of the Cultist sets which are £6 each. This was originally the contents of Issue 35 & 36, however, due to some changes pointed out by some cover art the contents from Issue 31 onwards changed since the initial leak. It could be two, but I doub’t it. This is Sprue F from the Dark Imperium Boxes Set. So we have moved the originally expected content of this issue to issue 46 for the sake of a clean swap. Well, it’s Black Friday week again. In the far future mankind is surrounded by enemies. FauxHammer (the website, not me. Warhammer Conquest Magazine – Issue 01 costs £1.99 and with this, you get the magazine, a poster, 3 paints (yes the full-size 12ml retail pots), 3 Primaris Space Marines and a “Starter” Brush – (More on this later). Hmmmm, as I don’t play the game, I don’t know the value of these in a Chaos army. i dont understand how you can write articles for warhammer and not play the tabletop? We can Also Now work out the full value of this set if you were to just buy the models, paints and brushes at retail value (note this is before the Febuary 2019 Price Increase), Notice: this article uses Affiliate Links, Update 01/02/19 a shout out to Modelmaking Guru for heavily mentioning this article on their Youtube Channel if you’d rather watch the content of this article instead of reading it. hi, thank you for this artivcle is really useful, i’m doing my calclation for the italian version, i’ve seen alchomite stack is only in 1 issue, but maybe seen it’s 2 sprue and you have 4 exit for the 3 parts of repulsor maybe is splitted also on the issue front there is only 1 of 2 stack in the set. From the history of the super human Space Marines to the traitorous Death Guard, you’ll discover the characters, weapons of war and stories of the 41st Millennium. It feels like they ran out of ideas here. Issue Price £15.98Total Value £40.00Total Saving £24.02. Leaving these paints unallocated to a particular issue. However, Celestra Grey has was moved to Issue 31 & Runefang Steel was never reallocated to a different issue. Oooh, good shout! This is only 2 bikes from the typical 3 bike squad set. Unfortunately, La Voz De Horus have now removed all the contents breakdown from their page. It does make sense at this stage of the game to include the above Technical paints. This Citadel painting handle makes it much easier to hold your miniatures while painting them, allowing you to find the perfect angle. Although Hachette (the publisher) has expressed their wishes to bring this to other territories. We get the other 2 sprues later on. instead of a £30 + £45 set its going to be just a £45 which lets face it we can do better with mechanicus scenery on discount sites even if can’t get exact same set. Update 18/06/19 – Another 10 issue covers have been released by Forbidden Planet which confirms the release schedule from issues 47-56. I doubt there will be 2 of these so one must be another, poss one of the unallocated paints. with your three easy-to-build Primaris Space Marine Intercessors plus Abaddon Black, Retributor Armour and Macragge Blue paints and brush. What’s the details cost Vs conquest cost and the saving. Don’t worry, the other bike comes later. This is the one that makes me doubt this whole leak. Until recently this was exclusive to the UK. So basically, we aren’t getting the Alchomite Stack in the Series, we are getting the Full Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent, and this is just the first part. This sprue is Sprue B from the Dark Imperium Boxed set. Have a look here https://fauxhammer.com/news/has-the-warhammer-conquest-contents-changed/. A nice way to bookend the series, a huge gantry to stand all of your models on. We were originally expecting some Martian Ironcrust with this issue, but this has now been changed to another bottle of Astrogranite as shown on the back cover of Issue 50. But the value of this gear at retail price is. See below for the breakdown of Warhammer conquest Issues 1-80 with Prices, Savings and Contents Lists for each issue. Sorry about that! PRIVACY POLICY | Like with issue 16 the Total Value comes from the cost of Dark Imperium Divided by the 8 sprues in it.

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