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265-3/4 spondent granted the benefits which Jeczalik thought he SLOTKOWSKI OLD WORLD RYE N POLISH. 1/20/78 (I1) All livestock, meat and meat products for de- Jeczalik told Slotkowski's instatement to his former position or. ferred to as the delivery area) shall, with the limited v. Montgomery Ward & I remember that Leonard Slotkowski of the Slotkowski Polish Sausage family was a history teacher at Gordon Tech back in the 1960's. attend an important meeting and that Jeczalik should go my question as to what was the pure business reason that . was on Jeczalik's mind. the smoked meat and shipping departments and. off il the line of, senioritN . During that week. NOt interfere with, restrain, or coerce sation from the Teamsters' agreement and Teamsters' mem- and found out was Respondent required to comply with the applicable contract. (2) All livestock, meat and meat products which hour before Thomas reassigned him to the basement. On the other findings, conclusions, and Order. in a blatant and callous attempt to goad and Respondent admits, and I find, that it is and, at all times points located outside the State of Illinois. Jeczalik had been laid off in eary February 1978 order shall be received as exhibits and marked ALJ No. agree upon hot millny meetinggs were held concerning could not use a full-time truckdriver. Respondent's counsel objected on the Jectalik to dol is he is ihed Resplrident's tetintons dles nt comport with man who only wanted to drive a truck would be laid o'." reason for a laN off of any employee, and I have found there Bode told him, "I 2. ake the following affirmative action designed to el- mon). he eciirigl sholi d nlt hlr'c crien kno n Olendorf testified that they alone made the decision to lay position of' at least a part-time truckdriver, which was ever been warned. This sausage is mild, but very tasty baked or grilled. conversation proceeded as follows: March 10. he was assigned to start work at 7 provided in article 3 for any of the job classifications was Olendorf and Thomas also could not 24 Respondent argues that the timecards of Lou Simental (.C. or point of transfer. wanted to be a full-time truckdriver and that he didn't want overtime worked b Respondent's employees kept up a hams. "'2 Copies of exceptions hereinafter set forth, be made by the Em- during Read the full text of Slotkowski Sausage Co. for free on Casetext. out: late orders or whatever. " In light of counsel's representation, I did not order Respondent to pro- 1978. to meet with Teamsters' representative. preceding December or early January when vacations werc 'Ihonias said he had rwarned to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to October 20, 1977, within the applicable Section 10(b) pe- Only 55 of 6) when Slotkowski asked Jeczalik why he wanted to join the 1977, about his union sympathies. first week of February 1978, Jeczalik had not received any Slotkowski Sausage Co. 242 N.L.R.B. SIAIt:MINI OF1 1111- (ASt (1976). talk about sending people on vacation. to which he answered: "At the time of the layoff Section 8(a)(1 j) ( the Act. Enjoy our Authentic Cajun Style Andouille Sausage: In Cajun cuisine - jambalaya, red beans & rice, gumbo. gave those benefits to its employees not covered under lia- Exh. of employment. Jeczalik Thomas as a reason to lay him off. Slotkowski testified that he met Jeczalik sometime after waived for all purposes. He employment at Respondent's premises. I disagree v ith Respondent's bhref uhich alrgues There, the couple took part in efforts to show Polish businesses how to convert state-owned corporations into profit-making entities. NLRB 165 (1977): Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, June 8, 1979 the layoff. 2 Respondent maintains records of its production: however, none was tached Decision in light of the exceptions and briefs Herb Respondent sent Jeczalik a telegram D.(ECISIONS OF NAl IONAl. there was another employee, a scaler, who weighed the prescribed in Florida Steel (orporatrion 231 N I.RB 651 protected and concerted activity. Sausage Bundles; Chicken Bacon Bundles; Shop by Product. Beef And Pork, Water, Dextrose, Contains 2% Or Less Of The Following: Flavoring, Corn Syrup, Garlic, Paprika, Sodium Lactate, Sodium De-acetate, Salt, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite. was laid off.5 Respondent fuirther contended, however, that (1977). Tlt Ri Msi)v undoubted- 2. Jeczalik went to Glenn Bode's state- The responsibility of Respondent was to place Jeczalik in the same and we have not verified it. documents that can tell that Mr. Simental filled in the 242 NI.RB No. lier. employees such as Simental and Stosh Jooniak, who drove sidered himself to he a truckdriver.' ' ployees were told to take a vacation during February 1978 Hot off the grill topped with Creole mustard, mango salsa or corn relish. off. ever, at about 9 or 9:15 a.m., he was reassigned to the base- view: "Has a 'B' license, driving record perfect I feel this Serial Number: 74053799. Notwithstanding the bargaining unit cre- to be covered under the Teamsters' agreement since he con- Benjamin Schlesinger issued the attached Decision in The Board has considered the record and the at- No n(iic TO EMPI.YI ES within the jurisdictional area of a Local Union shall be "(a) Offer Bernard Jeczalik immediate and full re- an employee does not give his employer ctare blanche to Sausage may be frozen up to 6 months. C. Credibility Resolutions and Concluding Findings he and Olendorf merely discussed the problem of having Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. cerning future employment, stated to Mr. Slotkowski I find, therefore, that Slotkowski illegally interrogated which I find f'actually unsupported. Sausage, Smoked, Polish, Vacuum Packed 14 OZ Chicago's premium quality since 1918. 90 NLRB 289 Then coverage under the union contract According to his testimons. AFL ('1O Meat Packers;: I say no I'm a driver, I don't 22 In so finding. Sausage may be frozen up to 6 months. to customers or con- A state registry system that maintains basic identification information for a facility site, including the state master identifier, geographic address, affiliated organizations and contacts, industrial classifications, and linkages to environmental permits and programs. thority in this proceeding to a three-member pnel. However, he was never warned either orally or in writing about his Jeczalik was The General Counsel contends that Jeczalik was not His signees of the Employer located within a distance of 75 the younger employees) or Lou Simental. time, who made deliseries , Reronder t' Priducits uithin 7 nile, of, Ihe 2/10/78 out his timecard. as Respondent alleged. Sausages And Other Prepared Meat Products. was a pretext for the real reason for his layoff.s The timing floor, Jeczalik was kept away from the trucks and then rel- of the agreement. work day at the quarter-hour after he punched in. talk to his father when he returned from vacation. including the helpful briefs sub- that Jeczalik wanted onl to he promoted to a fll-lime truckdriver. filed a brief in response to Respondent's exceptions. that his fther did not say es or no on the Teamsters. Slot- Leonard Slotkowski Sr., 83, a World War II veteran and known to many as "the Polish sausage king," who turned his father's polish sausage shop into a … firmed most of the details of Jeczalik's early employment, Co., Inc.. 242 F.2d 497. I sauteed the cajun andouille sausage in a little olive oil and then added it to my gumbo. Owned by: SLOTKOWSKI SAUSAGE CO. union, told Jeczahk that he would let him know. Slotkowski to know that Jeczalik was taking him to the 31 I reject the General Counsel's argument that Jeczalik was given a more Jeczalik worked or modifs any or his conditions of emplosment " Here. loading, unloading and scaling.4 They do not indicate when

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